Why Did John Krasinski Sell SOME GOOD NEWS?

Photo via John Krasinski Instagram

Why Did John Krasinski Sell SOME GOOD NEWS?

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

John Krasinski spoke up about the sale of his web series SOME GOOD NEWS (SGN) after receiving backlash on social media.

Movieguide® previously reported that the actor sold the popular feel-good news program to ViacomCBS in a “rich deal.”

While on his Instagram Live show, HEY THERE, HUMAN, Krasinski spoke with his former THE OFFICE co-star Rainn Wilson about why he had to sell SGN.

Krasinski said, “I was only planning on doing [eight episodes] during quarantine. I have these other things that I’m going to be having to do very soon, like JACK RYAN.

“More than that, writing, directing and producing — all those things — with a couple of my friends was so much, and I knew it wouldn’t be sustainable with my prior commitments,” he added.

“I knew the two options were always going to be, I leave it off at eight in my office, which I would love to keep doing this show from my office forever, but it just wasn’t sustainable,” he explained to Wilson. “I knew I would need a partner coming on.”

Yet, fans were distressed when they heard the news. Some people were concerned that the show would go behind a streaming service paywall instead of being freely available on YouTube and Facebook.

Krasinski tried to abet fans’ fears, and said while he wouldn’t be hosting the series, he’ll still be involved.

The A QUIET PLACE director said he has “A lot of really fun stuff planned” for the series.

He also said it was crazy that “One of the biggest news programs in America, CBS News, saying they want to make it part of their permanent news cycle.”

His SGN web series garnered over 17 million views on some episodes and ran for 8 episodes on YouTube.

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