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What You Need To Know:

DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA follows former NFL player Benjamin Watson as he travels around the country to seek the truth about what America believes about the sanctity of life. It explores how the pro-choice and pro-life camps can have meaningful conversations to save the future generations of childrenThe documentary expertly navigates all the popular talking points of the abortion issueIt addresses the practices history, the evolving legislation on the federal and state levels of government, and the economic crisis that makes abortion disproportionally affect impoverished communities. However, it doesn’t neglect the heart of the mother, the father and others affected by the tragedy of abortion. 

Available for rent or purchase on SalemNOWDIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is extremely well-made. It handles the topic of abortion with tact, precision and empathy. It includes powerful interviews and testimonials from legislators, doctors, former abortionists, abortion survivors, and social activistsDIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is full of compassion and love, with a strong Christian, moral, pro-life worldview. Due to the violent nature of the topic of abortion, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger viewers. 


(CCC, BBB, VV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong Christian, moral worldview that emphasizes the sanctity of life at conception, other moral worldview elements such as equality, empathy for the oppressed and taking personal responsibility, emphasizes strong two-parent households and responsibility in fatherhood and motherhood, other brief Christian worldview elements where several interviewees mention God and prayer as the reason they hold to pro-life perspective, one state senator says we need to revitalize the Christian faith and values in America, other pro-choice perspectives are shared but in a negative light, the reading of a Bible is shown as well as several crucifixes

Foul Language:
One interviewee uses the term “rats a**”

The documentary follows abortion in America, as a result several interviewees describe, in vivid detail, how an abortion is carried out, although the descriptions are violent the pictures that accompany them are not graphic, and the language is scientific in nature, there are also references to the damage performing an abortion does on a women’s reproductive organs, there several mentions of rape as it relates to the abortion conversation, there are also brief clips of peaceful protesters, both pro-choice and pro-life, there are references to the holocaust and Nazi Germany in relation to the abortion issue, infanticide, genocide, and slavery are all mentioned, some pictures of slaves injuries Alcohol Use/Abuse: No alcohol

No explicit nudity, but several pregnant bellies are seen

No sex, but there are many mentions of having children out of wedlock and unwanted pregnancies

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No drugs, but it is mentioned that drug abuse is one of the side effects for women who get an abortion; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
There is mention of racism, and how abortion, aside from being the murder of human beings, is also racist, because blacks and Hispanics are getting abortion at significantly higher rates than whites and Asians.

More Detail:

DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is a compelling look into two questions that have torn America and its moral fabric apart: “When does life begin?” and “Are the unborn human?” The documentary follows former NFL player Benjamin Watson as he travels the country interviewing politicians scientists, and other people deeply involved in the pro-life and pro-choice movements.

The documentary opens with Watson as he asks, What’s tearing at the fabric of American morality? The movie begins with pro-life and pro-choice advocates as they create a web of arguments and passionate statements. Watson seeks to cut through the noise and discover the truth about how America, on an individual and a governmental level, sees human life.

The movie touches on many of the abortion debate’s dimensions. Watson starts by tracing the events that led us to today. Watson interviews state senators from liberal states such as New York and Illinois. They recently revamped their abortion statutes following Trump appointing Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The abortion rulings in Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, are prominent cases that pro-abortion camps fight hard to codify as law.

However, Watson also talks to conservative state legislatures that say even if those cases are reversed, the fight for the sanctity of life would just be getting started. Watson addresses the country’s celebration of abortion even as the New York legislature expanded its laws recently to allow abortion procedures up to birth. The decision was met with wild applause.

Although Watson talks with pro-choice advocates, pro-life advocates and many in between, perhaps the documentary’s most powerful moments are its personal testimonies. Watson dives into some of the most challenging questions surrounding abortion and seeks the testimonies of those who have lived through it. Ryan Bomberger, who was conceived in rape; Melissa Ohden, who was born alive following an unsuccessful saline abortion; and, a young woman who’s about to have her second abortion, but God intervenes miraculously through prayer.

DIVIDED HEARTS OF AMERICA is an extremely well-made documentary, including powerful interviews and testimonials from legislators, doctors, former abortionists, abortion survivors, and social activists. It’s full of compassion and love, with a strong Christian, moral, pro-life worldview. It encourages conversation and understanding while not shying away from the atrocity of killing an unborn child. Due to the violent nature of the topic of abortion, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger viewers.

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