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What You Need To Know:

COLDBLOODED is the story of a young Mafia rookie, Cosmo, who becomes its newest hit man and shows an uncanny ability for the job, but who faces a dilemma about it when he falls in love. Although funny, entertaining and with a superb cast, COLDBLOODED extols violence, glamorizes the Mafia and includes in its storyline, gambling, drug dealers, prostitution, material rewards for killing as well as numerous obscenities, vulgarities and profanities.


(AB, NA, LLL, VVV, S, NN, M) Anti-biblical pagan worldview where the Mafia is the ultimate power to be feared & killing is just another job; 21 obscenities, 8 vulgarities & 2 profanities; graphic violence -- men hit in the nose with guns, 12 men shot coldbloodedly, shoot-out with drug dealers, & threat to kill; 1 implied sex scene and implied prostitution; implied nudity in sexual situation; and, materialism, gambling & revenge are strong themes.

More Detail:

COLDBLOODED is a black comedy starring Jason Priestly of Beverly Hills 90210 as Cosmo, a nerdy bookie for the mob who finds himself promoted to a hit man. Although reluctant at first, he begins to excel at the job, showing amazing marksmanship, killing without emotion and even outperforming his mentor, Steve. However, Cosmo’s cold, detached persona is shattered when he falls in love with his yoga teacher, Jasmine. He wants to leave his job (understandably) and start a life with Jasmine, but no one leaves the mob, at least not alive. Steve gives Cosmo a way out…and gets no thanks for it.

The film’s deadpan humor is witty and catching, never missing a beat. The cast is superb from Mafia chief Gordon, played by Robert Loggia, to the little old lady at the desk of the retirement home where Cosmo stays. Jason Priestly gives a surprisingly good performance as a convincing nerd who kills in coldblooded fashion one second and is an awkward mobster-in-love the next. However, COLDBLOODED extols and rewards violence, glamorizes the Mafia and gambling, materialism, drug dealers, and prostitution as well as numerous obscenities, vulgarities and profanities. It makes a hero out of Cosmo, who forgives himself too easily and proceeds to enjoy a new life without any guilt or repentance. The film’s message, while entertaining, is dangerous.