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What You Need To Know:

Inspector Clouseau's progeny, albeit illegitimate, takes over from his father in THE SON OF THE PINK PANTHER as he sets out to rescue a kidnapped princess. Regrettably, the movie has a weak story line and Roberto Benigni (the Pink Panther's son) and Claudia Cardinale are forced to carry the film.


(M, S, V, N, L) Roughly 5 obscenities & profanities; suggestion of sexual relations, i.e. illegitimate son of Clouseau, Sr.; and, slap-stick, action-adventure violence, (but not bloody).

More Detail:

True PINK PANTHER fans will surely approve of Chief Inspector Clouseau’s progeny–THE SON OF THE PINK PANTHER, Roberto Benigni. However, Benigni insists, “I am not the NEW Pink Panther, but the SON of the Pink Panther. However, I have inherited my father’s love for women.” The son has also inherited some of his father’s funniest traits. In the movie, the son has no idea as to the identity of his father since his mother has never told him. The film begins with the kidnapping of Princess Yasmin of Lugash. Commissioner Dreyfus is assigned to the case, and Jacques, a local policeman, is called to his aid. The Commissioner begins to notice some familiar characteristics in Jacques such as the facts that Jacques mispronounces words, has difficulty following the simplest of instructions and is extremely accident prone. The Commissioner and Jacques set out to find the kidnapped princess–an adventure that takes them to many exotic places in Europe and the Middle East.

Because the story line is weak, Roberto Benigni and Claudia Cardinale are forced to carry the film. However, the film may be worth watching to see Benigni and Cardinale interact. Benigni remarked about working with veteran director Blake Edwards: “For me, it was like an electrician working with Edison.”