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THE IDENTICAL is a musical drama that begins in 1936. William and Helen Hemsley are a young couple struggling to make ends meet in a small southern town. When Helen unexpectedly gives birth to identical twins, they come to terms with the fact they can’t provide for both children. So, they give one of the boys away to a childless couple, a young preacher, Reece, and his wife, Louise. Years pass. Reece and Louise raise Ryan to be a fine young man with a unique musical ability. As Ryan tries to discover God’s calling in his life, the past that was hidden from him begins to collide with his world.

THE IDENTICAL has some script issues with its second half that hinders the ending’s emotional impact. Otherwise, the production is competent, and the movie is entertaining with good performances and fun music. Despite script problems, THE IDENTICAL has a strong message of Christian faith, forgiveness and following God’s calling that naturally flows out of the story. THE IDENTICAL will charm and entertain families and other moviegoers while inspiring positive values.


(CCC, BBB, Cap, V, A, DD, M) Very strong Christian, Biblical worldview extolling faith, forgiveness, following God’s calling, loving your family, with multiple scenes in a church, Bible verses referenced, Gospel songs sung, and a baptism, plus some pro-capitalist content; no foul language, a couple uses of dang; some punches are swung, a character has a heart attack; no sexual content, light kissing; no nudity, though a music video shows some women in late 1950’s style bikinis; some light drinking; smoking of cigarettes, and a reference to “weed” or marijuana; and, some illegal partying is shown, though main characters don’t do anything illegal, and teenager lies to his parents.

More Detail:

THE IDENTICAL is a musical drama that starts off in 1936. William and Helen Hemsley are a young couple struggling to make ends meet in a small southern town. Expecting a baby, the couple is surprised when Helen gives birth to identical twin boys. At first excited, William is quickly overcome by worry, knowing they can’t afford to feed to children.

When William wanders into a church service held outdoors, he hears a preacher reading the Bible, saying how it’s “better to give, than to receive,” and how he and his wife medically, cannot have children. This moves William to give one of his sons to the Preacher, Reece Wade and his wife Louise, so they can give him a proper home. Reluctant at first, Reece and Louise agree, and they dedicate their young son, Ryan, to God.

Years pass. Reece and Louise raise Ryan into a fine young man, but his incredible musical gift constantly draws him to rock ’n’ roll music, which gets him into trouble. Reece is adamant that Ryan’s calling is to go into the ministry just like he did. To straighten his son out, he makes him enlist in the army and eventually go to Bible School. Ryan obeys his parents and becomes the boy they want him to be, but he’s restless inside and longs for something different.

As the Be Bop 40s roll through into the 1950s, a rock star emerges known as Drexel Hemsley. A nationwide sensation, both men and women alike adore Drexel’s warm deep voice and his one of a kind dance moves. Ryan looks like the spitting image of Drexel and has a connection to the rock star that he can’t explain. Ryan wins a Drexel Hemsley impersonation contest and signs on to do concerts as the rockstar legend. As Ryan pursues his passion of music, he’s still not sure if he’s following his true calling, since he’s merely impersonating someone else. The worlds between Ryan and Drexel collide, and Ryan learns what his parents have been hiding from him all along.

THE IDENTICAL has a poor script that starts off with a compelling premise and setup, but falters in the second act and ultimately loses steam. The characters are genuine and interesting, but aren’t explored as deeply as they could have been. Additionally, much of the dialogue is repetitive. There’s also a seemingly pointless scene that literally preaches the importance of supporting Israel (not that we shouldn’t, it just doesn’t fit in the movie). Other than this, however, the script’s execution is competent. The dual role of Drexel and Ryan is out in the hands of an incredibly talented professional Elvis impersonator named Blake Rayne. Blake delivers his performance with conviction and sincerity. Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd also give strong performances as Ryan’s Christian parents. The movie beautifully captures the classic decades between the 30s and 60s. The sets, costumes and especially the music are all immersive.

The best thing about THE IDENTICAL is its message of faith, forgiveness and following God’s calling that naturally flows out of the story. Though Reverend Reece is shown as strict, his love of Ryan and God never falters. Ultimately, the movie encourages viewers that, if we seek God first, he will give us the desires of our hearts and nothing can stand against us. THE IDENTICAL will charm and entertain families while inspiring positive values.

Quality: - Content: +1
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