Top Pirated TV Shows

Photo by AJ Aaaab via Unsplash

The popular news blog TorrentFreak has assembled a year-end list of TV’s most pirated shows.

The enormous amount of piracy is in large part due to the unavailability of these shows outside the U.S. Many fans in other countries simply do not have the patience to wait for episodes to air where they live. Pervasive pirating is also indicative of the unavoidable fact that TV viewing habits are changing with the emergence and increasing popularity of on-demand television and the online video service, Hulu.

Rank Show No. of Downloads
1. Lost 5,940,000
2. Heroes 5,480,000
3. Dexter 3,888,000
4. The Big Bang Theory 3,270,000
5. House 2,610,000
6. How I Met Your Mother 2,490,000
7. 24 2,240,000
8. True Blood 1,920,000
9. Glee 1,700,000
10. Family Guy 1,620,000

– Sources: TorrentFreak, 12/31/10, and Hollywood Reporter, 12/30/10.