Why This Hollywood Music Manager Rededicated His Life to Christ

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Why This Hollywood Music Manager Rededicated His Life to Christ

By Movieguide® Staff

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Despite growing up in a Christian home and attending a Christian college, former touring musician and current artist manager Lance Brown found his identity in his successful career.

“During the height of my success in the music industry at this point money meant everything to me. I was hunting for it so much that it was more important than relationships,” Brown told CBN.

But Brown’s life did not start with his mindset on money. At 11-years-old Brown was baptized, and worship leaders in his church encouraged him to pursue music.

“I had found a guitar in my mom’s closet and I just picked it up and just started figuring out the chords,” Brown recalled. “I would also go to church where we would have a youth group and I would be fascinated with the people on stage singing songs and I would ask them after church ‘How did you play it?’ and I’d bring my guitar with me and I’d want to play it.”

After attending a popular Christian school, The Master’s University in California, Brown jumped into an internship with Capitol Records. Brown fell in love with the music industry and began touring with bands as a musician.

“I had started to become fully fascinated with the band life and being a traveling musician,” Brown said. “[I] would go on tours during that time.”

He added: “My walk with the Lord, I think was still fairly good. However, the people that I was starting to surround myself with were not believers, and I just thought to myself, well, maybe there was something else other than just hanging out with other believers.”

After around a year and a half on the road, Brown started working for an artist management company, which inspired him to start his own management company, One Moment Management.

“Working for a management company that had a lot of high-level artists, what we would call legacy artists in the business, was fascinating to me I learned right then and there that God instilled in my heart that this was my passion,” Brown said. “This is what I was supposed to do.

“I was passionate, I was young, I was excited to start working with new clients and I immediately just picked up everybody under the sun I could find,” he continued. “I started putting my faith to the side as more and more accolades were showing up in my life. I realized rather quickly that if I did something, somebody would tell me that I was great, and I would want to do more of it I sort of felt like I didn’t necessarily need God in that way. I felt like I could just do it by myself.”

However, Brown no longer found his identity in God, but in the success of his career. As Brown realized his obsession with money, he entered one of the lowest points of his life after losing his artist management business and moving back in with his parents.

“I was going through probably one of the hardest times of my life,” Brown said. “I had at this point gotten married and was divorced within a few months, I had a child that was along the way, I felt like the Holy Spirit was speaking to me directly and I felt so convicted that I felt like I should rededicate myself. I had to just humble myself I really needed to go back to the beginning and understand what is more valuable than anything which is my relationship with him. This was about eternal things at this point and my mind, my soul, every part of me just changed like that.

“I started thinking less about what I needed to control and just let God just do His thing in my life,'” Brown continued. “It’s amazing how that works, because within six month of my rededication, I was offered a job at a Christian label in Los Angeles, all of the Christian labels are not in Los Angeles, and I find that to be almost a wink, you know, like He created something for me.”

Brown’s life changed when he focussed on Christ and not his career.

“I ultimately feel that Jesus being so loving on my life, and me recognizing that in all of the worldly things that are in this world there’s nothing more than Him, the eternal,” Brown said. “I cannot be more grateful than anything for that.”