‘God Has Answered Our Prayers’: Jill And Derrick Dillard Announce Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Photo from Jill Dillard’s Instagram

‘God Has Answered Our Prayers’: Jill And Derrick Dillard Announce Pregnancy After Miscarriage

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jill Dillard, of 19 KIDS AND COUNTING and COUNTING ON fame, recently announced that she and her husband, Derrick, are expecting another baby after her miscarriage last fall. 

“We have prayed that, if it was God’s will, He would bless us with another baby,” they wrote in a blog post

“We are excited to announce that God has answered our prayers and we are expecting our rainbow baby [a term used for a baby born after a miscarriage or stillbirth] due July 2022!” the couple continued. “We are so thankful for a healthy baby and pregnancy so far and we look forward to finding out the gender soon!”

Jill and Derrick married in 2014 and share two sons, Israel and Samuel. 

The couple shared news of the miscarriage last year in an Instagram post. 

“We recently found out we were expecting our third baby,” Jill captioned the video. “We were thrilled! However, a few days later we started miscarrying. We love and miss you, River Bliss!”

The couple explained the story behind their name choice, saying, “One meaning for River is ‘tranquil,’ and here in Arkansas, rivers are often a serene, beautiful escape in nature. We also like how the River talked about in the Bible (Rev. 22:1-5) represents God’s life-giving presence. The river of life (Holy Spirit), ‘flows from the throne of God,’ and with the tree of life is ‘for the healing of the nations.’

“Our baby doesn’t get to live here with us on earth,” the post continued. “But is forever with the source of the river of life, in the presence of the Lord.”



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