Amazon Prime’s HOUSE OF DAVID Announces Cast

Photo from Michael Iskander’s Instagram

Amazon Prime’s HOUSE OF DAVID Reveals Cast

By Movieguide® Contributor

Amazon Prime has revealed the cast of its upcoming biblical series, HOUSE OF DAVID.

HOUSE OF DAVID “tells the story of the ascent of biblical icon, David, who eventually becomes the most famous king of Israel.”

“The series follows the once-mighty King Saul as he falls victim to his own pride. At the direction of God, the prophet Samuel anoints an unlikely, outcast teenager as the new king. As Saul loses his power over his kingdom, David finds himself on a journey to discover and fulfill his destiny, navigating love, loss and violence in the court of the very man he’s destined to replace. For one leader to rise, another must fall,” a synopsis reads.

Actor Michael Iskander will take on the lead role in the series as David. Ali Suliman, best known for his role in JACK RYAN, will play King Saul, and Ayelet Zurer from MAN OF STEEL will play his wife Queen Ahinoam. Samuel will be portrayed by Stephen Lang, and Goliath will be played by Martyn Ford.

“Getting to tell David’s story and to make him human is the most wonderful experience of my life,” Iskander posted on Instagram. “I cannot put my feelings into words. And what a blessing to be able to tell this story with some of the loveliest people. I cannot wait for you to see this show! All thanks be to God.”

Yahoo Entertainment reported on other known cast members:

The HOUSE OF DAVID cast also includes Indy Lewis (INDUSTRY) as Mychal and Yali Topol Margalith (TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ) as Mirab, Saul’s daughters; Ethan Kai (THE TURKISH DETECTIVE) as Jonathan, Saul’s son and heir apparent; Oded Fehr (STAR TREK: DISCOVERY) as Abner, Saul’s advisor; Louis Ferreira (SHŌGUN) as Jesse, David’s father; Davood Ghadami (EASTENDERS) as Eliab, David’s eldest brother and decorated warrior in King Saul’s army; and Ashraf Barhom (TYRANT) as Doeg, a mysterious Edomite.

The HOUSE OF DAVID comes from Jon Erwin, the producer of several Teddy Bear Award® winners, and his faith-focused studio the Wonder Project.

“The dream is a values-based brand and ecosystem that is absolutely unafraid of Christianity and the American dream and that tells stories that restore faith in things worth believing in,” he told Movieguide® of his studio last year. “You know, stories that are intentionally designed to pull families back together.”

“HOUSE OF DAVID is our telling of a 3,000-year-old hero’s journey, and it all starts with our David, Michael Iskander,” Erwin said. “Finding Michael and getting to work with him has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Our entire cast is incredible, and I can’t wait for a global audience to get to know them the way I do.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Erwin is not alone in this dream, and along with the backing from major Hollywood players, other entertainment giants are now committing themselves to furthering the reach of Christianity. One of those key players is Kelly Merryman Hoogstraten, a former executive at Netflix and YouTube.

“Our goal at The Wonder Project is to tell stories that restore faith in things worth believing in, and to do this at scale,” Hoogstraten said during the studio’s HOUSE OF DAVID announcement. “We’ve been blown away by Amazon’s commitment to help us do this – both through the significant resources they are dedicating and their trust in us to tell these stories authentically to our audience.”

“We are very excited about the scope, scale and storytelling involved with HOUSE OF DAVID,” Amazon MGM Studios’ head of TV Vernon Sanders added. “And [we] look forward to sharing this epic and many others with our global Prime Video customers.”

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