Bill Maher Blasts Push for Cancel Culture: ‘Is This Really Who We Want to Become?’

Screenshot from Real Time with Bill Maher YouTube

Bill Maher Blasts Push for Cancel Culture: ‘Is This Really Who We Want to Become?’

By Movieguide® Staff

In a fascinating twist of irony, Bill Maher is calling out liberals.

Maher is the host of REAL TIME WITH Bill Maher, which often uses conservatives as a punching bag. This time, though, Maher called out his fellow progressives for their obsession with cancel culture.

Maher encouraged his viewers to “stop apologizing” for their opinion and views for fear of “when the woke mob comes after you” for some “ridiculous offense.”

“Is this really who we want to become?” Maher asked. “A society of phony [expletive] avatars walking on eggshells, always looking over your shoulder about getting ratted out for something that actually has nothing to do with your character or morals?”

Maher also referenced a report from the Cato Institute, which showed that 62% of Americans claim to be too afraid to share a political opinion.

Maher also defended actress Gina Carano, whom Lucasfilm fired from THE MANDALORIAN over her conservative opinions.

“She made a Nazi analogy; who doesn’t these days?” Maher questioned. “‘You’re like the Nazis’ is the new ‘I don’t like you.’”

He pointed out the hypocrisy because “It’s always OK when Trump’s the Nazi.”

Yet this is nothing new in the industry.

“By the way, you can’t work in Hollywood if you don’t believe what we believe? Yeah, in the 1950s, that’s exactly what the left complained they were being told,” Maher added.

Now, instead, there’s a hard left agenda being pushed in media and in schools, Maher said.

Maher spoke with conservative journalist Megyn Kelly about she decided to pull her children out of their school in New York City.

“We were in the New York City private school system,” Kelly told Maher. “And they were definitely leftist. We’re more center-right, and that’s fine. … Then they started taking a really hard turn toward social justice stuff.”

Kelly also revealed that the school exposed her 8-year-old son to a “three-week experimental trans-education program,” which only “confused the kids.”

Moreover, her daughter, who is in kindergarten, “was told to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians objecting to their mascot.”