Bookguide: Faith in Action

Quality: * * * Acceptability: +4

WRITER: Jim Palmer


CONTENT: (BB, C) moral worldview with Christian inclinations; and, nothing objectionable.

GENRE: Self-help; Informational

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Would-be stunt persons & film buffs.

REVIEWER: Dr. Theodore Baehr

REVIEW: While many people think of Hollywood as a spiritually dark place, many of the stunt men and women are people of faith and values. As our friend Bob Yerkes used to say when he was teaching Circus of the Stars and pushing someone off a platform and into the abyss he will ask if they knew Jesus. Many of the stunt men not only know Jesus, but also pray in the midst of extreme adversity.

That said, the book STUNT ADJUSTMENT is a wonderful introduction to the craft involved in being a stunt man. Jim Palmer gives the would-be stunt person insights into doing stunts, into getting paid and includes lots of stories about some of the best stunt men of all time. It is a fun and valuable contribution to anyone who has a library on the world of filmmaking.

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