BOOKGUIDE Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment

Quality: 4star Acceptability: -1

Language: L
Violence: V
Sex: S
Nudity: None

RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2009

AUTHOR: Larry Klayman

PUBLISHER: New Chapter Publisher

CONTENT: (CCC, L, V, S) Very strong Christian worldview that not only talks about coming to Christ, but also about doing the right thing even to ones own detriment, as well as the central theme of the book “exposing the fruitless works of darkness” ” (Ephesians 5:11) in the government; four “f” words, as the well as the biblical, but off color title; discussions of violence in the government, including government official being shot, planes being sabotaged, people being killed, and other unseemly stories; some discussion of sexual activities on the part of government officials; and, bribes, lying, cheating, stealing, and corruption – all rebuked.

GENRE: Non-Fiction


REVIEWER: Dr. Ted Baehr

WHORES: WHY AND HOW I CAME TO FIGHT THE ESTABLISHMENT is an amazing book in many respects. In line with the biblical mandate “to expose the works of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11), author Larry Klayman exposes those in the government who have sold themselves, their votes and their access to power for bribes, influence, pride, and all of the other deadly sins. It is also a surprising book, because it is so readable and captivating. It is amazing that Larry has such a detailed recollection of all of these events, and writes about them with the expressive flair of a professional novelist.

Larry knows how to turn a phrase and does so to make a powerful case that the government has gone off of the deep end. His laudatory goal is to see the United States returned to the sense and sensibilities of our founding fathers and our Judeo-Christian heritage. He is not afraid to tackle the Republicans or the Democrats. In the book, he has stood up to the abusers of power in the government, and has been a worthwhile watchdog, in the biblical sense, for the benefit of the public. He even takes on friends and powerful media figures who are in the conservative camp.

This is a gutsy book, and a very important book for understanding the last half-century of American history. It is a powerful first-hand insight and eyewitness account of the dastardly deeds of the rich and famous in government. Larry, just by writing this book, has gone a long way in restoring ethics to the legal profession in government. This book is must reading for those who care, but is dimished by a couple of obscenities. Therefore, it is for adults, not children. It is the type of book that we like to get multiple copies of to pass out to the movers and shakers, in order to help them understand the truth of just how many in government have sold us out.

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