‘God Hates Death’: Candace Cameron Bure, Jennie Allen Share Hope in Suffering

Photo from The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast’s Instagram

‘God Hates Death’: Candace Cameron Bure, Jennie Allen Share Hope in Suffering

By Movieguide® Contributor

In Movieguide® Teddy Bear Award® winner Candace Cameron Bure’s last podcast with “Untangle Your Emotions” author Jennie Allen, the pair discussed how God hates death and suffering.

“This is not as it should be, and it is not as it will be,” Allen said about death and suffering on Bure’s May 29 podcast episode. “This is not as it should be, and God hates death. He hates death so much that he sent his son to conquer it.”

“He was willing to die so we don’t have to. He hates death, and he hates suffering. He hates it. His home, where he is going to take us, that is not going to have suffering,” Allen continued.

She notes that if God were to destroy all evil and death now, then there would no longer be any time for people to come to faith.

“That would mean that there would be no more time for people to believe in him, and so the margin and the space that he gives, he is patient and waiting that none may perish,” the author explained. “That is his desire — that none may perish. And so the time we’ve been given through the suffering is so that none may perish.”

“We have a purpose for still being alive. For those of you that have lost loved ones, maybe lost a lot of people that you love and you’re going, ‘Why am I still here? Like, why didn’t I die in that wreck?’…The reason why is because God wants you to know his love and he wants you to make his love known,” Allen explained.

Allen believes that life is brief, and the wait for an eternal home in heaven is a short one.

“It will go fast. I’m telling you as I am 47…It’s going fast, and we’re going to be home before we know it,” she said.

“Whether we die young or Jesus comes back or we die old, it’s all going to be but a breath,” she said. “Scripture says we are like grasshoppers, and we just live and we die, and yet we are precious and priceless to him, and he’s present in our pain.”

“I know he died for [suffering], and he is building a world where suffering won’t be [there] anymore for those who trust him and love him,” she said.

Bure and Allen enjoyed each other’s company on Bure’s last podcast episode with her. And the actress quickly let fans know another season is on the way.

She posted a clip of her last episode on Instagram and said, “BUT GOD!!! A word from our very last episode with @jennieallen on Season 6 of the @candacecameronburepodcast 🙌🏼✨— another season done and gone, but don’t you worry, Season 7 is coming SO SOON!”

Movieguide ® recently reported on another of Allen’s and Bure’s conversations:

“We’ve got a million things to be afraid of,” said Allen, author of “Get Out of Your Head” and “Untangle Your Emotions.”

She pointed out that fear “keeps people’s attention.” So, a lot of content today is created to stir up fear in consumers. But the Bible often says, “Do not fear.” God doesn’t shame us for our fear but comforts those who experience it.

Allen read Isaiah 41:10 for an example: “So do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

“This is a God who is compassionate toward our fear,” Allen said. “He is kind and understanding.”

Allen just wrote another new book called “You Are Not Alone.” It’s a version of “Get Out of Your Head” designed with kids aged 8 to 14 in mind. It’s all about stopping “toxic thoughts” and trading anxiety for God’s peace and releases on June 11.

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