Carrie Underwood and Family Welcome New Friend Onto Oklahoma Farm

Photo from Carrie Underwood’s Instagram

Carrie Underwood and Family Welcome New Friend Onto Oklahoma Farm

By Movieguide® Contributor

Carrie Underwood’s family just expanded as she welcomed three adorable donkeys onto her Oklahoma farm.

“Meet the newest members of the EH-OK Farm Fam!” Underwood posted on Instagram. “@lindseycardinalemusic brought us a special delivery all the way from Louisiana!!! We’ve got a (pregnant) mama, a daddy and a little dude! In a little bit, 2 of them will go live with some friends down the road, but we promise to have lots of family reunions!!! #donkeys #NewFamilyMember#FarmLife.” 

Underwood’s post included close-ups of the charming animals and their interactions with her two sons Isaiah and Jacob. 

The donkeys came from Underwood’s longtime friend Lindsey Cardinale, who she competed against in season 4 of AMERICAN IDOL. This surprised many fans who didn’t realize the two had stayed close since launching their music careers.

While Underwood stays busy with her music career, she occasionally peels back the curtain on her home life in Oklahoma, like when she successfully grew carrots earlier this April. Underwood also prioritizes her family and always makes time for her husband and their kids. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Underwood’s family:

Carrie Underwood took to Instagram to share the sweet birthday cards she received from her sons, Jacob and Isaiah.  

She posted pictures of their cards to her Instagram Story. 

“Things Jake loves about me…” the country star captioned the first picture. The paper, titled “Things I love about mommy,” listed off “When she kisses me,” “How much she loves me,” “She’s beautiful,” “Her snuggles” and “When she dresses up.” 

Isaiah’s note read, “4 Things I Love about Mommy! I love her snuggles, I love her kisses, I love her singing and most of all I love her love!” 

Underwood shared some more photos of her birthday celebrations, including breakfast in bed and a “cake” that was made entirely of cheese wheels and bottles of wine.  


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