Christian Actor David Oyelowo Shares How Quarantine Has Strengthened His Family

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Christian Actor David Oyelowo Shares How Quarantine Has Strengthened His Family

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Christian Actor David Oyelowo shared that quarantine has strengthened his family because they’re spending time together.

“Having pretty much been in the same environment with my wife and kids for seven to eight weeks straight, I’m not bored with it. We really love each other. We have three boys and a lovely girl and we really like being in each other’s company. I am genuinely surprised there haven’t been crazy arguments — it’s something I’m really proud of,” Oyelowo told The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

Oyelowo and wife Jessica, who’s an actress,  are juggling working from home while their four children do schoolwork.

However, for Oyelowo, staying close with his family has always been important.

“People who know me know that I have a two-week rule baked into every contract, so I’m never apart from my wife and family for more than 14 days,” Oyelowo said. “We’ve been married for 21 years and I’ve managed to keep that going the entire time. I have that in place because I think this industry is very challenging for families in terms of staying together, functioning well and for kids to feel like their parents are present.”

Oyelowo made similar comments on Instagram along with a bit of humor.

“While the world is on lock down, if you’re blessed with loved ones, take the opportunity to hold them close and tight…as long as they don’t have a dry cough or are feeling feverish,” said Oyelowo.

Many of Oyelowo’s projects such as LES MISERABLES and SELMA have faith elements.

Oyelowo has also attended the Movieguide® Awards, which recognized his movie QUEEN OF KATWE.

According to Movieguide®’s review:

QUEEN OF KATWE is top-notch movie making, with great acting, visually appealing cinematography, crisp editing, and a wonderful storyline. Best of all, it has a strong Christian, biblical, capitalist worldview that extols faith, prayer, hard work, family, sacrifice, and helping others. It tells a true story about a young girl living in poverty, who, with the help of a Christian ministry, rises above her circumstances to help provide for her own family. QUEEN OF KATWE will inspire families and children everywhere.

Like many of his projects, Oyelowo’s life in quarantine seems to have only reinforced his family values.

Oyelowo posted a video of his family, including his father, worshipping on Easter Sunday social media.


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HE IS RISEN!!!!! @belairchurch

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Oyelowo added to THR, “I always knew this about myself, but it’s a really wonderful surprise: I am completely obsessed with my family.”

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