Christian AMERICAN IDOL Alum Revealed on MASKED SINGER

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Christian AMERICAN IDOL Alum Revealed on MASKED SINGER

By Movieguide® Staff

Editor’s note: This article contains spoilers for the episode of the MASKED SINGER that debuted on Dec. 2. 

Tori Kelly, whom fans may recognize from AMERICAN IDOL or even STAR SEARCH, was eliminated in the semi-final round of the MASKED SINGER when her Sea Horse battled it out against the Crocodile.

“It’s just such a fun experience as a whole,” Kelly said of her time is the sparkly sea creature. “And I think there is a little part of me too, right when they said I was going home, I was like, oh, okay, cool. I get to show people that it’s me. It’s such a unique show. So it’s hard to be so sad when I feel like I got to show so many different sides of me.”

Several of Kelly’s clues alluded to her Christian faith, including a church, a sign that said “soul lane” and an appearance by her spiritual adviser, who was dressed in choir robes.

“That was Kirk Franklin actually,” Kelly said. “We actually did a whole gospel album together. And he’s become not just a producer to me, but he’s really become like a mentor, him and his wife, to my husband and I. I can call him and ask for advice on anything. And I just really value who he is in my life. So yeah, he seemed like a good choice to kind of have on there and make a little cameo about. I think he was talking about when we first worked together and everything. That was a fun little test.”

Kelly previously shared her testimony through an I Am Second video.

“The thought came out to try out for American Idol,” Kelly recalls. “I made it pretty far, but ended up getting sent home. This isn’t just one door closing, this is like, another door… out of all these other doors that have closed in my face and I was so devastated.

“I was the singer who if I failed, then people would be disappointed,” Kelly continued. “That’s when I went back into my room, my childhood room and I started to journal a lot. I wrote about confusion, feeling different, getting out these emotions I’ve never been really good at explaining. It was kind of this messy book of just all of my thoughts and I would even write down prayers.”

She remembers praying, “Lord, like guide me, I don’t know who I am without singing. You know, if I’m not a singer, then, if this doesn’t work out what am I, what am I gonna do?”

She recalls telling the Lord, “Okay, God you said you have a plan for my life, so I’m just gonna trust that and even if it means that I don’t get famous or anything I’m just gonna surrender all of this to you, put it in Your hands.”

Kelly has since won a Grammy award for Best Gospel Album for her album The Hiding Place.

Looking back, she would tell her younger self “who feels she’s too shy, or not bubbly enough, or you know, doesn’t have the right look, or not pretty enough, or that your life is boring, or that you have a boring personality, that’s just a lie, and it’s not true. You’re being built up into the woman that God wants you to be. And it might take a while, but one day you’re gonna grow into your own skin and just be the girl that God uniquely made as you.”

In addition to MASKED SINGER, Kelly also just dropped her Christmas album.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Kelly said. “And this year just seemed like this would be the year to do it — to bring hopefully some hope and some light to people during such a crazy year.

“I know everyone’s been going through a lot, so I hope this can be my gift to people, and I hope people really love it,” Kelly said.


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