Christian TV Contestant Refuses to Dance to “Bi-Sexual Anthem” in DANCING WITH THE STARS

Christian TV Contestant Refuses to Dance to “Bi-Sexual Anthem” in DANCING WITH THE STARS

What happens when you’re a contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS, and the song that’s chosen for you is too risqué? For Jennie Finch-Daigle, who’s a professional softball player, a mother to three children, and a Christian, she had to stand her ground and say no. The song that was given to her was Janelle Monae’s “Make Me Feel”, which has provocative lyrics, cursing and is being called a “bisexual anthem”. 

In the DANCING WITH THE STARS episode, Finch-Daigle expressed that she felt uncomfortable with the song choice. Even though her dance partner Keo Motsepe had finished the choreography, she called the producers and expressed her desire to have the song changed three days before their performance. “I need to follow who I am and stand up for what I believe,” Finch-Daigle told Motsepe in front of cameras. To everyone’s surprise, the pair changed the song choice with only three days to practice, and the two performed a solid cha-cha dance which received a favorable score from the judges. 

In an interview with US Weekly, Finch-Daigle explained her reasoning, saying, “Just as a mom, it’s not something we listen to in our house, and my fans, my audience, is young girls.” She continued, “I want to glorify God out there, and that just wasn’t a great choice for me to do that.”

You can watch the exchange below.


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