DeVon Franklin to Produce Netflix Movie About Preacher’s Miraculous COVID-19 Recovery

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DeVon Franklin to Produce Netflix Movie About Preacher’s Miraculous COVID-19 Recovery

By Movieguide® Staff

A pastor in Northern Ireland who recovered from COVID-19 shared an emotional testimony about God’s faithfulness and the power of prayer. DeVon Franklin will turn the story into a Netflix movie. 

The Pastor, Lee McClelland from Ark Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland, shared the 9-minute video on youtube, and it went viral. 

In the video, the pastor describes his time spent isolated in the hospital with COVID-19 and how alone he felt. 

“I honestly didn’t know whether I would make it or not,” McClelland said. “I was under incredible pressure and I thought I was moments away from ending up on a ventilator.” 

He continued: “I remember those nights particularly really crying out to the Lord and asking Him to help me. Asking Him to somehow encourage my heart, somehow strengthened me, supernaturally. Just do something that would encourage me and bring me through.” 

Despite his lack of outside contact, the Lord miraculously answered McClelland’s prayer for encouragement in an unlikely way. 

“This cleaner had come in and he was like a ray of sunshine,” McClelland recalled. “He began to chat to me and he asked me how it was… and we got talking and he turned round and he said that he was a missionary in Nigeria for 14 years. Then he began to tell me how God had saved many many souls through his ministry and how God had used him over the years to reach people. Here is now, a cleaner, and he’s encouraging my heart and telling me about souls and the about the love of Jesus and the love of God and I’m just sitting going ‘wow.'”

The pastor continued: “[My] soul was encouraged as I listened to him talk about how Jesus had used his life to rescue the souls of man… When God needs to reach you He knows exactly who is the right person and in that moment of time, it was a cleaner. No one else could get in so God sent a cleaner.”

Before the cleaner left, he offered to pray for McClelland, and soon after, the pastor began to recover.  

The pastor also encouraged followers by sharing Hebrews 13:5, which talks about how God will not forsake or leave regardless of their circumstances. In McClelland’s case, God encouraged him through the miraculous interaction with a cleaner.  

According to the Sunday Times, Franklin contacted McClelland about adapting the emotional story into a feature-length movie for Netflix.  

Franklin is known for his work on faith-based movies like MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN and BREAKTHROUGH, which earned $50 million at the box office.

According to the Christian Post, the movie will focus on the pastor’s experience in isolation with coronavirus, his ministry, and his miraculous encounter with the cleaner.  

Randy Brown, who also penned the script for MIRACLES IN HEAVEN, will write the screenplay. 

“God is a God that is personal,” McClelland said. “I am crazy, crazy for Jesus. God knows what you have need of. He is an incredible savior!”