Director Calls for a ‘Renaissance in Biblical Cinema’

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Director Calls for a ‘Renaissance in Biblical Cinema’

By Movieguide® Staff

Epic feature movie BALLADS OF THE EXODUS is a groundbreaking Christian movie with a full Israeli cast and crew, filmed entirely in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“If we are trying to retell the greatest stories ever told, I think it’s essential to honor the art and the craft of storytelling (of which I believe filmmaking is one of the greatest forms) and devote ourselves to telling them in ways that honor the beauty, the complexity, the depth, and the implications that these stories deserve,” writer, director and star Dalton Thomas says.

The movie recounts the life of Moses as told through the Book of Exodus, the imagination of a dying boy and the ballads of his father.

Thomas opted to forego any use of visual effects or CGI. Thomas, Director of Photography Ryan Tidrick and their Israeli crew sought to accomplish every scene with practical effects on location where the events actually happened.

Thomas’ vision for the approach to BALLADS OF THE EXODUS was largely motivated by what he calls “the need for a renaissance in biblical cinema.”

One goal behind filming at biblical locations was to build faith in the accuracy of the Scriptures.

Viewers will see the stories they know acted out in the real-life locations where people of the Bible lived them out.

“When you stand at the split rock in the dry heat of the desert, you can sympathize with the grumblings of the Israelites. If these archeological sites are exactly as the Scriptures describe, then our faith should be strengthened to believe in the miracles and stories of the Old Testament,” executive producer Cynthis Hughes said.

In addition to the biblical landscapes, a tremendous amount of work was put into the soundtrack for this 3 and a half hour long cinematic production.

BALLADS OF THE EXODUS premiered on Tel Aviv and is available for streaming on the Frontier Alliance International App. Movieguide® has not yet reviewed BALLADS OF THE EXODUS and cannot advise on its content.