Eric Metaxas Shares Testimony: ‘I Was Absolutely Changed Instantly, I Have Accepted Jesus’

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Eric Metaxas Shares Testimony: ‘I Was Absolutely Changed Instantly, I Have Accepted Jesus’

By Movieguide® Staff

Author Eric Metaxas recently shared his testimony with Kirk Cameron on the latest episode of TAKEAWAYS.

Metaxas, who is open about his Christian faith and conservative values, recalled his humble childhood and painful journey to faith.

Despite growing up around Greek orthodoxy and his parents’ testimony of faith, Metaxas said he did not have a personal relationship with Christ.

“I was raised in humble circumstances,” Metaxas said. “My mom and dad are immigrants to the US, my dad came from Greece, my mom came from Germany. I’m the first person in my family to go to college and I’m very proud of that. I certainly didn’t think that I would be doing what I’m doing right now and I did not have my Jesus freak, born again experience until around
my 25th birthday.”

Metaxas attended Yale University, which shaped his worldview to hate faith and Jesus.

“When I went to college, Yale University, those places are so hostile to faith and so hostile to like heartland values and traditional values,” he said. “Whether of sexuality or of the unborn or like all that stuff, you enter that environment as a kid saying, ‘okay here I am, my parents didn’t go to college, so tell me how to think.'”

“Before I knew it, I kind of drank that kool-aid and I also realized that I had not been prepared in the church,” he continued. “Like do I really believe Jesus rose from the dead? I really began to doubt what I thought was true.

“I think a lot of churches don’t realize that they’ve got to prepare young people to face hostility,” he said. “Yale is extremely hostile to serious biblical faith. At some point you have to figure out what is true and I had a big wake-up call around my 25th birthday.”

Metaxas said that his depression increased post-university after moving back in with his parents.

“I was so lost and I wasn’t making any money,” he explained. “You know what happens if you kind of float and flounder after college? You end up moving back in with your parents. If your parents are European immigrants who work their tails off to put you through college it’s really embarrassing.”

“It was a really harsh time for me and that was when I became a Christian,” he added. “Things were so painful that for the first time in my life I was really open to maybe the Jesus stuff.”

Through the testimony of a friend at work, Metaxas heard the gospel.

“In this time in my life, not only do I have depression but my circumstances were agony,” he recalled. “I was in such pain that I met a guy who starts sharing his faith with me. His name is Ed tuttle. He befriended me, he’s sharing Jesus with me and I had this attitude like, ‘don’t get too close with that weird stuff, you guys are weird, I don’t want to become one of you, part of the cult.”

However, Metaxas said that God gave him a sign in his pain and weakness. Metaxas added that the sign was unique to his experience growing up in a Greek household and his love for fishing.

“He gave me a sign,” he recalled. “It was a dream. It was around my 25th birthday. I had a dream and in the dream I’m fishing on Candlewood lake in Danbury Connecticut where I have fished many times.”

In Yale, Metaxas grabbed hold of false worldviews, particularly the idea that “the goal of life is to drill through the ice to touch the water.”

However, Metaxas said God flipped that ideology on its head in his dream.

“I realize in the dream that God is one-upping me with my own symbol system,” he continued. “I realize in the dream that God is saying to me: ‘you wanted to drill through the ice to touch inert water, to touch some kind of collective unconscious. I want to give you something better. I want to give you my son, your savior, Jesus Christ. Ichthus, the fish.”

“I know in the dream that Jesus is giving me this gift of himself and of the knowledge and he’s speaking the language that only makes sense to me,” he added. “In the dream I was filled with joy. It’s real, it’s true, Jesus is real. I was absolutely changed instantly and the next day I went to work and I told my friend Ed Tuttle about the dream. I said to him words that I would never have said before, I said I have accepted Jesus.”

Due to his conservative values and faith, YouTube banned his radio show.

Movieguide® previously reported:

The outspoken Christian and conservative announced in a Facebook post that YouTube took down his radio program after he allegedly violated community policy.

“In regards to YouTube terminating my radio show channel, it’s been clear to us for some time that they wanted to wipe us out,” Metaxas wrote in a post on Facebook.

“So although we have done our very best to comply with their creepy Marxist’ community standards’ they nonetheless seem to have been digging into some of our older videos to find things they could use against us. As their uncredited hero Stalin infamously said, ‘Show me the man and I will find you the crime,'” Metaxas continued.

Metaxas, known for writing biographies about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther, acknowledged the financial toll the ban would take but said that he is proud to speak the truth.

“The loss to us financially is devastating, but when you are speaking truth at a time such as this you cannot be daunted by such things,” Metaxas said. “None of my heroes ever were and by God’s grace I never will be. We trust that what we are doing is right and we will not be silenced.”

Metaxas called out Big Tech and the broad attack on free speech, noting that people need to keep proclaiming the truth.

“In fact this grotesque attack on free speech emboldens us dramatically in calling out Maoist and Soviet-style tactics for what they are, an expression of deepest fear that the truth can never be silenced. Because it cannot,” Metaxas said.

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