Hillary Scott Describes Jesus as Her ‘Friend’ During Childhood Loneliness

Photo from Hillary Scott’s Instagram

Hillary Scott Describes Jesus as Her ‘Friend’ During Childhood Loneliness

By Movieguide® Contributor

Lady A lead singer Hillary Scott is opening up about how she found comfort in Jesus as she dealt with loneliness as a child.

As a homeschooler and an only child, Scott craved community. Her parents were also musicians and were frequently on tour.

Eventually, her grandparents dropped everything to take care of Scott while her parents were traveling.

“It was kind of you know an interesting way to grow up, and I remember feeling lonely, you know, here and there,” Scott described of her childhood on an episode of “Worship is My Weapon” with Rita Springer.

However, because of her relationship with Jesus, she never felt alone.

“I feel like, you know, [as] an only child for 14 years, he was my friend,” Scott said of her relationship with Jesus as a child.

“When I think back on that story,  I just am so overwhelmed with gratitude of just how chosen I felt in that moment by Jesus and how I never — whether it was the people around me but specifically his presence through those especially those early years — he was my friend,” she continued.

She explained that she struggled to “verbalize” how she experienced the nearness of God when she was younger.

“I’m just thinking about all these different kind of moments throughout my childhood and just imagining him there because he was,” Scott explained. “I think there was a bomb of just feeling nurtured, feeling like I wasn’t alone. That, I think, is what pulls up the emotion in me that could make me cry.”

Scott has gone on to have an extremely successful music career, winning nine Grammys.

Movieguide® recently reported on Scott leading worship at Candace Cameron Bure’s church:

Candace Cameron Bure recently posted a video of Hillary Scott, Lady A’s lead singer, leading worship at her church.

“The @hillaryscottla leading worship this morning 🥹 ✝️,” Bure wrote. “Don’t bother with mascara.”

The actress shared a video of Scott singing “Firm Foundation (He Won’t)” by Cody Carnes and Chandler Moore. “Worship at its BEST,” Bure wrote on the video.

Along with her music career, she recently played Luanne Meece for KING + COUNTRY’s UNSUNG HERO and appeared on the band’s “The Inspired By Soundtrack” album.

“What a field day we had with this album! We have more features than any album we’ve ever done, having had the opportunity to take these incredibly nostalgic 90’s songs and re-imagine them with a for KING + COUNTRY flair,” said Joel and Luke Smallbone. “We’ve been able to partner with multiple artists on their songs – Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, Stryper, and more. It’s been quite an adventure, a creative process to re-envision these songs. We hope everyone enjoys them as much as we enjoyed making them!”

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