How a Friend Who Lost All 4 Limbs Inspired MercyMe’s New Song

Screenshot from MercyMe’s Youtube

How a Friend Who Lost All 4 Limbs Inspired MercyMe’s New Song

By Movieguide® Staff

Award-winning Christian band MercyMe recently shared the true story that inspired their new song “Say I Won’t.”

In January 2020, MercyMe’s longtime crew member and friend Gary Miracle underwent an operation that removed both his arms and legs. Despite his physical disability, Miracle’s courageous faith in God continues to lead his life.

“This is the hand God’s dealt me…without my hands. The Lord gives and He takes away and He took away my hands and feet but the rest of that verse says ‘Blessed be the name of the Lord.’ That’s just the path that I’ve chose to go down for now,” Miracle said in an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.

The lead singer of the band, Bart Millard, added: “It’s incredibly overwhelming to see Gary’s situation but to watch his wife and kids and what they’re going through and standing by and supporting him is mind-blowing and it feels like it’s a whole other level of love and it’s a crazy story.”

The music video of “Say I Won’t” highlights the various stages of recovery that Miracle struggles through in everyday life.

“You see all these people holding up signs and part of Gary’s story was he said it’d be cool to know that one day somebody was touched by what I’m going through,” Millard said. “And so we reached out to several people. You notice Pat Riley, from the Miami Heat, is in there, and Ben Roethlisberger and Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton and TobyMac.”

“We all have struggles,” Miracle said. “Right now in my life, my struggles happen to be a little more visible than somebody else’s. Them giving me a platform and purpose through what I am going through and the way I’ve been able to encourage people – I’m forever grateful to those guys.”