Katy Nichole Sings ‘For the Glory of God’ on FOX & FRIENDS Debut

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Katy Nichole Sings ‘For the Glory of God’ on FOX & FRIENDS Debut

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian breakout artist 23-year-old Katy Nichole just made her debut on FOX & FRIENDS, where she sang her version of “O Holy Night” and shared her incredible testimony.

“Centricity Music’s Billboard Chartbreaker and 2023’s Gospel Music Association New Artist of the Year Katy Nichole performed for the first time on FOX & Friends this morning (Dec. 1), kicking off the celebrated morning show’s All American Christmas Celebration Concert Series this season,” a recent press release reported. “Singing her rendition of the classic ‘O Holy Night’ on the show, Nichole sings more holiday favorites on a Christmas tour with Tauren Wells and Jordan Smith launching in Cincinnati tonight (Dec. 1) and before hitting the road Jan. 12 with Winter Jam ’24, Christian music’s biggest arena tour.”

FOX & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt praised Nichole’s talent. She said,  “A beautiful performance from Katy Nichole. How about that voice, she is unbelievable!” and credited her song “In Jesus Name (God of Possible)” as “one of the best songs out there right now.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Nichole’s song “In Jesus’ Name (God of Possible)”:

Christian singer Katy Nichole recently shared a TikTok video of her debut single, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible),” which amassed 80 million views.

After an influx of offers and an appearance of the song on K-Love, the 21-year-old artist signed on with the Christian label Centricity Music. Nichole became the first artist to stream a song on K-Love before being signed by a label.

Nichole will perform the song on a future FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND show.

Minutes before her “O Holy Night” performance, Nichole shared that she first started singing when she was 3. She told Earhardt, “I was about eighteen years old when I started leading worship and felt something different about the way that I was singing and singing for the glory of God was such a special thing to me, and somehow it turned into where I am now.”

The singer also shared how God rescued her from a dark time in her life.

“I mean it when I say Jesus changed my life. I’ve had two back surgeries, and the first one didn’t do exactly what it was supposed to do, but the second one was where the miracle happened. I was very depressed after the first, so depressed that I hit a place where I wanted to end my life. Thankfully, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Hold on, I’m not done yet.’ And I believed that voice. If I hadn’t believed that voice, I would not be standing here right now,” Nichole said with conviction.

Nichole previously elaborated on her near-death experience. She had taken a bottle of pills in her hand, intending to overdose, but the bottle dropped when she heard God’s voice.

“I just felt the Lord say, ‘I’m not done yet,’” she said.

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