Kirk Franklin Makes History With 10th No. 1 Gospel Song

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Kirk Franklin Makes History With 10th No. 1 Gospel Song

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kirk Franklin made history with his 10th No. 1 song on Billboard’s Gospel charts, “All Things.”

“’All Things’ being the first single off my upcoming album is very special to me,” Franklin said of the single. “I’m so glad it resonated with the listeners and made it to the top of the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart. This [is my] 10th No. 1, but this one really hits different. Once the full album drops, you’ll see why. Let’s go!”

The song is the lead single from Franklin’s upcoming album, “Father’s Day,” which is due October 6.

Franklin’s 10th No. 1 single means he’s tied the record with Tamela Mann for having the most No. 1 songs on Billboard’s Gospel charts. 

The singer told KCRW that gospel music is “medicine for hearts and souls that are often malnourished in a society that…the climate is so negative, is so divisive.” 

He continued, “I think that at the core of gospel music is that we’re trying to lovingly and compassionately push people to a fact … that you were built for something bigger than the moments that you live in right now.”

Franklin just released the follow-up single, “Try Love.”

“Everyone has an opinion on how to fix the division in the world… policies and politicians are broken… we’ve tried that,” the singer said of the song’s inspiration. “Dogma and religious rhetoric, we’ve tried that as well… after we’ve tried to fix what may be deeper that what human power can heal, let’s TRY LOVE.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Franklin’s thoughts on faith:

Gospel legend Kirk Franklin recently weighed in on the common misconception that God exists to make us happy.

“Being broken is not a bad thing [because] even in the darkest times, God, in His sovereignty, can be doing His greatest Work,” the artist told The Christian Post.

“We have this misconception that God is trying to make us happy,” he said. “God is not trying to make us happy. God is trying to make us His. And so whatever process comes from that. Once again, I know that sounds foolish to the world. It sounds foolish to humanism. And our natural intelligence doesn’t have the capacity to access and program the spiritual. And again, things of the spiritual a lot of times have been abused and manipulated.”

Franklin continued: “Breaking is not all bad. I know that it may seem kind of intuitive to Western culture because, in America, we pride ourselves on being strong and not easily broken. But gold doesn’t become pure until it’s taken through the fire.”

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