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Korie Robertson: ‘Whatever Success Comes Is God’s Glory’

Photo from Korie Robertson’s Instagram

Korie Robertson: ‘Whatever Success Comes Is God’s Glory’

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUCK DYNASTY’s Korie Robertson says her family “would not be who we are today” without God’s influence. 

“I think our faith is our ‘secret sauce,’” she said while appearing on Sports Spectrum’s “Get In The Game” podcast. “People were really wanting and hoping to see a family of faith that puts God first, that is not perfect, but at the end of the day, sits around the dinner table and loves God and just offers up a prayer to Him.”

Robertson called her family’s impact on others “God’s work,” adding, “That’s on Him to do. It’s just for me to be faithful to Him, to wake up each day and to do what He calls me to and whatever success comes from that is God’s glory.”

She also shared that God shaped the Robertson family “for generations.”

“Nothing would have been what it is today, our family would not be together, we would not be who we are today at all, without God,” she explained. “When He came into the life of the Robertson family, when they turned their life to Him, everything changed for them and everything changed for generations and generations.”

Robertson elaborated on the impact DUCK DYNASTY has had on viewers in an interview with Fox News she did alongside husband, Willie Robertson.

“One thing that we realized when we did our show, DUCK DYNASTY, was that people can be introduced to faith through all kinds of different ways,” she shared. “And entertainment is shaping our world, our culture in such powerful ways. We as a people are just consuming large amounts of entertainment right now. And so why not do things within entertainment that are faith-filled, that are hopeful, that are positive, that push people toward something good in the world rather than the other way?”

In an interview with Faithwire, Robertson said, “Entertainment is really shaping our culture for good or for bad. We just saw the impact of DUCK DYNASTY and how people would come up with tears in their eyes and say, ‘Because of your show, our family is going to church now’ or ‘Because of your show, we pray together as a family’ — ‘Your show has saved our marriage.’”

“We need more believers. We’re called to be the light of the world,” she continued. “For some reason, a lot of times Christians are kind of scared of Hollywood.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Korie Robertson sat down with Tasha from Prestonwood Women’s Ministry to discuss her faith and her ministry.  

Korie stated, “I think that’s what we’re all called to. We’re all called to ministry, and you know when we did start our show Duck Dynasty, I remember people asking us, ‘Well are they going to let you talk about your faith? Are they going to show that y’all are Christians?’ and I remember saying to them, ‘Well they can’t get around it because it’s who we are. It affects how we parent, it affects everything about our life. How we are as a married couple, how we parent, how we are as a family, how we are as employees and employers, and how we are with our friends.’ And so, to me it was just like well it is who we are. I think that that is what God has called us to.”  

She added, “Our faith is not just a part of our lives, our faith is our lives.”  

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