Mike Rowe Defends Free Speech After Being Told to ‘Stay In Your Lane’

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Mike Rowe Defends Free Speech After Being Told to ‘Stay In Your Lane’

By Movieguide® Contributor

DIRTY JOBS star Mike Rowe responded to a follower who told him to “stay in your lane” after he defended free speech and podcaster Megyn Kelly’s stance on women’s rights.

Kelly warned Apple against de-platforming her for her stance against transgenderism, adding that she would “lead protests” if they took down her podcast.

Rowe shared Kelly’s video, saying, “If it comes to that, I’d march with her. Would you?”

Many fans shared their approval. One follower, though, told Rowe to “stay in your lane.”

“Thanks for your response, and thanks for following this page,” Rowe’s response began. “Obviously, you’re not the only one to dislike Megyn Kelly, and you are certainly not the only one to admonish me for wandering ‘outside my lane.’”

“You seem to believe that because I’m not a woman, I have no right to hold an opinion on anything related to women,” he added. “If so, am I also precluded from expressing an opinion on slavery, simply because I’ve never been a slave, or owned a slave?”

“You advise me to ‘stay in my lane’ in much the same way people used to tell women and minorities to ‘know their place,’” Rowe explained. “That strikes me as a convenient way for people to silence those with whom they disagree, without offering an actual argument.”

He encouraged the commenter, Jessica, to share “some actual thoughts” about Kelly’s concerns, namely free speech and women’s rights to fair competition.

“It’s not in my interest to upset you or anyone else. And so, for the most part, I have limited my comments to workforce and education,” he explained. “But I’m also a citizen…like you. And like you, I’m worried about our county.”

“I’m worried that people have become increasingly unable to separate the message from the messenger. I’m worried that we’ve entered into a time when the experts disagree on every serious topic, where journalism has been replaced almost entirely by editorial partisanship, and everyone on both sides of every issue believes the ‘science has been settled’ in whatever way confirms their own beliefs.”

“Mostly though, I’m worried that people—and corporations—are determined to silence the opposition, rather than make any attempt to persuade, or even put forth a rational argument,” he concluded.

Movieguide® previously reported on Rowe:

Mike Rowe recently talked about alternatives to a four-year degree as tuition prices continue to skyrocket and fears of a recession loom. 

“Here we sit, we’ve got eleven-and-a-half million open jobs, most of which don’t require a four-year degree. We’ve got $1.7 trillion of student loans outstanding that we’re being asked to pick up the slack for and we’ve got a generation of kids who are simply not trained for the opportunity that exist,” Rowe said.

“At my little foundation, mikeroweWORKS, for the last fifteen years we’re been talking about this. And I’m telling you, I’ve never seen the headlines catch up to us as the way they are right now. The word has gotten out and people are really taking a hard look at learning a skill that’s in demand,” he continued. 

Rowe believes that the current generation of teens and young adults has been taught to only value jobs that require a college education. They don’t see vocational school or trade school as viable careers paths and the jobs that these programs lead to are seeing the largest numbers of employment opportunities. 

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