MLB Prospect ‘Relies on God’ in Minor League

Photo from Jackson Holliday’s Instagram

MLB Prospect ‘Relies on God’ in Minor League

By Movieguide® Contributor 

The overall No.1 pick in the 2022 Major League Baseball Draft went to Jackson Holliday. Holliday has been performing in the Minor League, but it was an adjustment at first.  

The 19-year-old stated in an interview with MLB that, “It’s been a little bit of an adjustment at the beginning, but I feel like I’m in a good spot right now. The more pitches that you see, the more comfortable that you get.” 

Jackson’s mom, Leslee Holliday told Sports Spectrum Magazine, “There’s a lot that comes with being the first pick. There’s a lot that comes with his dad playing in the big leagues, but I think [Jackson] hasn’t made it too big of a deal. I think he knows that his story is his story, and that God’s prepared him for his story.”

Being the oldest son of seven-time MLB All-Str Matt Holliday and being the No. 1 pick comes with different challenges and expectations, but Jackson has put his faith in God and adjusted. 

Jackson said on the Sports Spectrum Podcast that pressure is just an opportunity to place everything in God’s hands.  

“We like to say that pressure is a privilege. If you have pressure on you, you’re probably doing something right. It’s just about being able to rely on God, and being able to pray, and being able to put it all in His hands to just take it day by day and play the game I’ve grown up loving,” he stated.

What Jackson has embraced the most while playing in the minor league is having the opportunity to build new and lasting relationships. As well as share the love of God to people of all different backgrounds.  

“I love meeting new people and learning about my teammates and becoming friends with them, so I love that part about the minor leagues so far,” Jackson said on the podcast. “And hopefully I’m able to share my faith and grow the Kingdom.” 

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