More Sleaze from the Homosexual ‘Community’

The homosexual community is known for its sexual sleaze and pornography.

Such was the case recently at the American Music Awards on Nov. 22 when openly homosexual pervert and American Idol “singer” Adam Lambert shoved the faces of dancers into his crotch, led others around on dog leashes, and passionately kissed his male keyboard “player” on the mouth.

This perverted display goes all the way back to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. As such, it proves the righteousness of God in condemning such evil in passages like Leviticus 18:1-30, Mark 7:20-23, Romans 1:24-32, and Revelation 21:8.

Lambert’s behavior, and the often crude, lewd, and obscene behavior of many leaders and artists in the homosexual “movement,” shows that this movement is not really about “civil rights.” It’s about hedonistic perversion and the destruction of morality.

– Sources: WorldNetDaily, 11/23/09.


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