Natalie Grant’s Latest Album Focuses on the Power of the Presence of God

Screenshot via Natalie Grant Instagram video

Natalie Grant’s Latest Album Focuses on the Power of the Presence of God

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Christian singer Natalie Grant caught up with the Christian Post to talk about the release of her latest album, No Stranger.

It’s been five years since Grant released music, and she’s been slowly but surely recording new songs.

“I usually have to fail at life, fall down, Jesus picks me back up, I learn a lesson, and then I write a song about it. There was a lot of that these last few years,” she told The Christian Post. “So we’re writing these songs, but what I was writing songs about, I had no idea that God would use them in such a powerful way in this season.”

“We say God is sovereign and then we’re always surprised when He is,” she said of the timing of the release.

For Grant, the whole album really focuses on the power of the presence of the Lord in people’s lives.

“It’s learning the difference between His omnipresence, which is Him at all places at all times, everywhere at once, and His manifest presence, which is His presence made known.”

This theme came up in Grant’s own life in 2017 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

When the doctor told Grant she would have to go through lots of rehabilitation for her voice, the fear of not being able to sing anymore sunk in, as being a singer was her identity—or so she thought.

“I think the Lord was giving me the opportunity to say, ‘No, even if this is taken from you, who you are is still intact.’ And God says, ‘Who I am, it’s still completely intact. Your circumstances don’t determine My goodness.’”

This lesson is something that everyone can be reminded of from time to time, especially in this season of fear and not knowing what’s going to happen next.

“It’s that constant reminder that when life doesn’t make any sense and it feels like there’s nothing amazing, that He is with us. That’s how we can have a peace that passes understanding.”

“He is near to those who are crushed in spirit, that it isn’t Him that’s coming nearer to us, rather, it’s becoming more aware of His nearness, more aware of who He is, more aware of what His presence means. His presence made known.” She continued, “So experiencing that is really where these songs came from. They were all birthed from that perspective, that fresh understanding.”

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