No Matter Who Is President Jesus Is King!

No Matter Who Is President Jesus Is King!

By The Editorial Staff

This election is out of control!

No other time in our history has a presidential election erupted in so much strife, so much division and so much controversy. As you already know, most of Hollywood and the media have chosen their side, and they’ve publicly declared that you should listen to them.

You’ve seen the candidates parodied in skits. You’ve heard them quoted and misquoted. Scandals have been uncovered, ignored and fabricated, and while all this has happened, the media and Hollywood has taken advantage of the political drama for their own agenda.

As you’ve seen over the 30 years of Movieguide®’s ministry, movies and television shape the hearts and minds of the world. It affects our moral, political and philosophical worldview, and in turn has impacted the conversation surrounding this election. This is why we do what we do in Hollywood, and why we need your support. The future of our children and grandchildren is too important to be left to the influence of Hollywood insiders. That’s why we’re advocating in Hollywood on your behalf.

However, this election has gone so far, it’s out of control; at least, it’s out of our control.

We recognize that while it is our duty to act, it is God who provides and guides. We want to proclaim that whoever is president, “Jesus is King!”

Our faith isn’t in any candidate, it’s in Jesus who’s mighty to save.

Your support enables us to further impact the entertainment industry for Christ, and affect the moral values and decisions of this country.

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