Why Audiences Should See New Faith-Based Movie I STILL BELIEVE

Photo courtesy of Eric Charbonneau via epk.tv

Why Audiences Should See New Faith-Based Movie I STILL BELIEVE

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

The following article contains some spoilers for I STILL BELIEVE.

The faith-based movie of the year, I STILL BELIEVE, hits theaters Friday, and there are so many reasons why believers–and non-believers–should see it.

The movie, based on the early life of Christian singer Jeremy Camp, has previously been compared to Nicholas Spark novels-turned-box-office hits A WALK TO REMEMBER and THE BEST OF ME.

I STILL BELIEVE follows Camp as he goes off to college and falls in love with Melissa, who, unfortunately, is diagnosed with cancer.

The comparisons are fair, as the movie is a love story. Camp, portrayed by KJ Apa (RIVERDALE), and Melissa, portrayed by Britt Robertson (THE LONGEST RIDE), bring all the chemistry to the big screen and really sell how much these two love one another.

This movie is a good example for young people as they’re on the search for love. The way that Jeremy loves Melissa is a beautiful example of how love is supposed to be when God is in the middle of it.

While previously talking with Movieguide®, producer Kevin Downes said his wife asked him, “Who doesn’t want to be loved like that?”

She’s right.

One of the main themes is love conquers fear, and it’s so evident as the audience watches the tragic story come to life on the big screen.

Jeremy proposes to the love of his life, despite her terminal diagnosis, and vows to be with her through all the ups and downs. He truly lives out his vows.

Through this love, the audience sees sacrifice. Jeremy sacrifices everything for the woman he loves. He does everything in his power to take care of her, even if it means putting her needs above his wants.

Even though a young-adult romance movie might skew to younger audiences, older audiences will also appreciate some of the movie’s other values.

Faith is at the forefront of the movie, as it’s made clear that Jeremy and Melissa both have a strong relationship with the Lord and trust Him and His plan.

The couple faces the unthinkable together. All the while, Melissa is steadfast in her faith that God has plan, even if it’s for her to be with Him in heaven.

Jeremy struggles with the thought of Melissa dying, though, as he begs God to heal Melissa throughout the movie.

However, with all the good aspects comes one the with which the audience might wrestle.

Jeremy and Melissa don’t have much room to grow as characters because of how well they know themselves. Because of this, the movie is slow at times. This leaves the audiences wanting just a little bit more from each of them, to see some sort of character development as they are refined through the fire.

But, still, I STILL BELIEVE is worthwhile for audiences because it shows how powerful our God is and all that he can do even in the face of adversity.

It will make audiences believe in love, hope, and hopefully renew their faith in God.

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