RATATOUILLE: THE TIKTOK MUSICAL Raises More Than $1 Million For Charity

Photo from Ratatousical’s Instagram

RATATOUILLE: THE TIKTOK MUSICAL Raises More Than $1 Million For Charity

By Movieguide® Staff

After a series of TikTok videos that depicted an idea for a RATATOUILLE themed musical went viral, the social media experiment turned into a reality. The virtual Broadway performance raised more than $1 million in ticket sales during its premiere, which aided The Actors Fund.

“I am thrilled that we’ve begun the New Year with this seismic event that is clearly providing so much joy. Our gratitude goes to the producers, creators, performers and everyone in the TikTok community who came together to make it all happen so wonderfully,” The Actors Fund President and CEO Joseph P. Benincasa said.

Inspired by the Disney Pixar 2007 classic and the original TikTok series, the full-fledged production with Hollywood actors, follows an ambitious rat who loves cooking as he uses a hopeless chef to live out his culinary dreams. 

According to DeadlineRATATOUILLE: THE TIKTOK MUSICAL premiered on Friday, New Year’s Day, but continued to stream until Monday, Jan. 4. In total, the musical of hope and joy reached over 200 million fans worldwide. TikTok creators joined Titus Burgess, Wayne Brady, Adam Lambert, Ashley Park, and other Hollywood actors and actresses to bring the musical to life.  

Movieguide®’s review of the 2007 Pixar movie reads

RATATOUILLE is a wonderful, savory concoction from the incredible Pixar team. A near great movie, it does have some issues. Some of the cartoon violence skews toward older children and teenagers, and some moral points are ignored by the dramatic action. That said, the movie has a brilliant light Christian worldview with strong moral elements and very strong sentiments favoring the pursuit of happiness.

RATATOUILLE was also selected as the Best Movie for Families in 2007 at the 16th Annual Movieguide® Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry. It was nominated for the Faith and Freedom® Award that same year.

Movieguide® co-founder Lili Baehr selected RATATOUILLE as one of her favorite groundbreaking movies.

Lili says: “I am adding RATATOUILLE to my list of groundbreakers, not because it was a huge leap in the art of animation, but because it was one of the bravest steps ever in storytelling. The fact a rat in the kitchen was made absolutely lovable shows the power of great story telling. Some of the animation of Paris is breathtaking. It’s so nice it’s worthy of being a painting. The music alone would make you want to visit Paris. RATATOUILLE is also brilliant in its portrayal of the restaurant critic Anton. It’s the kind of movie that leaves you feeling anyone can change the world for the better.”