Redemptive Allegory: TOURNAMENT OF KINGS in Vegas

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Las Vegas is not one of my favorite cities, but I’ve been asked to speak at several events there, such as the National Association of Broadcasters. And, I did find something entertaining to do that wasn’t filled with salacious content. It’s called THE TOURNAMENT OF KINGS. I went with two of my grown adult children, and we loved it.

TOURNAMENT OF KINGS is a dinner and a show that features jousting and medieval knights in shining armor. What was interesting about the show is its very thinly veiled Christian content. The banners for the knights have crosses, the son of the king is the savior, and the evil Mordred is a demonic villainous devil. Although there’s no overt Gospel information, it does take the story of King Arthur and turns it into a rousing evening of fun and fantasy.

So, if you’re stuck in Vegas and don’t want to be shocked, abused, or annoyed, TOURNAMENT OF KINGS is highly recommended.

It’s a great outing for the entire family!

Quality: - Content: +4
Quality: - Content: +1