Sam Sorbo Calls Conservatives to Stand for Truth: ‘The Left Wants to Control People’

Photo from NewsmaxTV via Rumble

Sam Sorbo Calls Conservatives to Stand for Truth: ‘The Left Wants to Control People’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress and author Sam Sorbo, who released her book “WORDS FOR WARRIORS: Fight Back Against Crazy Socialists and the Toxic Liberal Left” on Jan. 26, noted that as the political Left redefines moral principles, conservatives must stand for truth.

“You should have already learned that the Left simply redefines the word to suit their purposes. And so their purposes are ‘Hey transparency sounds good to the country so we will use that word,’ but they have absolutely no intention of actually fulfilling the true meaning of that word.”

Sorbo continued: “That’s why I wrote my book. For instance, fascism… The Left has said that fascism is distinctly Right. That is a complete oxymoron and the stress is on the word moron, because anybody who thinks that anybody right-wing can be fascist is a moron. Because fascism is a distinctly leftist ideal. The Left wants to control people. The way that they’re doing it now is through language, that’s what political correctness is. political correctness is simply fascism.”

Sorbo maintained that the danger is not only in the change of definitions—in language, moral principles, or otherwise—but also the creation of new terms such as “climate justice.”

“Well, they’re meaningless. They mean whatever the Left decides that they mean in the moment,” Sorbo said. “And if we carry this to its full sort of fruition, it’s communism.”

Sorbo compared the Left’s tactics to communist Russia and called conservatives to stand up for free speech and the moral principles that helped found America.

“Under communism there was Trotsky and there was Stalin and they were good buddies until Stalin killed Trotsky,” Sorbo explained. “All of a sudden, if you happen to have been a Trotsky supporter, your days were numbered. And so you had to do a really fast about shift and say no… because unless you did they were going to kill you.”

Sorbo concluded: “And that’s the way that the Left operates, and we really need to wise up and understand that the words that they’re using to so-called communicate with us are meaningless words, they’re nothing but dribble, they mean nothing about what they pretend to say.”