Sydney McLaughlin Continues to Praise God for Gold-Medal Win

Photo from Sydney McLaughlin’s Instagram

Sydney McLaughlin Continues to Praise God for Gold-Medal Win

By Movieguide® Staff

Sydney McLaughlin, who was 21 years old when she took home her first gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, said she fulfilled a childhood dream.

“Honestly, it’s a dream come true — something I have truly dreamt about ever since I was a kid,” McLaughlin told PEOPLE.

McLaughlin failed to make the finals in her event in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but she gives glory to God through the ups and downs.

“Let me start off by saying, what and honor it is to be able to represent not only my country, but also the kingdom of God,” she wrote on her Instagram. “What I have in Christ is far greater than what I have or don’t have in life.”

Amid a brand deal with New Balance and the spotlight that comes with winning on a world stage, McLaughlin said that she is praying people would look past her accomplishments and gives the glory to God.

“I pray my journey may be a clear depiction of submission and obedience to God,” she wrote. “Even when it doesn’t make sense, even when it doesn’t seem possible. He will make a way out of no way. Not for my own gratification, but for His glory.

“I have never seen God fail in my life. In anyone’s life for that matter,” she added. “Just because I may not win every race, or receive every one of my heart’s desires, does not mean God had failed. His will is PERFECT. And He has prepared me for a moment such as this. That I may use the gifts He has given me to point all the attention back to Him. 2x Olympian, Olympic Champion, World Record Holder, Thank. You. God. 🙏🏽”

Next on the runner’s radar is the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

Movieguide® previously reported on McLaughlin’s victory:

McLaughlin, 21, became the first woman to break the 52 seconds mark with a record-smashing 51.90 second time.

McLaughlin’s performance surpassed previous record-holder Dalilah Muhammad, and McLaughlin is now the frontrunner to win the event at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“The face of a woman who is in awe of God 🙏🏽 51.90,” McLaughlin wrote on her Instagram under a photo of her reacting to her time.

“I could feel this meet was going to be something special… but MAN. Weeks like these are some of the hardest in a track athletes life. The mental strain of preparing for the rounds in order to solidify your spot is heavy enough. But the amount of weight the Lord took off my shoulders, is the reason I could run so freely yesterday,” McLaughlin said.

“My faith was being tested all week. From bad practices, to 3 false start delays, to a meet delay. I just kept hearing God say, ‘Just focus on me,'” she added. “It was the best race plan I could have ever assembled. I no longer run for self recognition, but to reflect His perfect will that is already set in stone. I don’t deserve anything. But by grace, through faith, Jesus has given me everything. Records come and go. The glory of God is eternal. Thank you Father.”