TONIGHT: Kevin Sorbo Won’t Let Hollywood Stop Him From Defending Faith, Patriotism

Photo courtesy of Movieguide® archives

TONIGHT: Kevin Sorbo Won’t Let Hollywood Stop Him From Defending Faith, Patriotism

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

HERCULES hero Kevin Sorbo has made a name for himself in faith-based circles as he creates movies that prominently feature faith, freedom and patriotism.

His latest, THE RELIENT, is in theaters for a special one-night-only event on October 24.

According to the Movieguide® review:

THE RELIANT is an exciting adventure movie about the five children of survivalist Christian parents in Ohio separated from their mother and father when the social order collapses. The children hide in the woods from a man who is out for revenge against their father is a doctor who failed to save the man’s injured daughter at the hospital where the father works. As the days pass, the elder brother begins to doubt they can hide in the woods forever. He also begins to doubt the family’s strong Christian faith.

THE RELIANT has a great cast of young actors. The ensemble is supported by fine performances from several veterans, including Kevin Sorbo. The script is well written and contains lots of intense, exciting action/adventure and depth. THE RELIANT promotes both Christian faith and American liberty. The movie is filled with wonderful references to God, Jesus and Scripture, plus some prayers and hymns. It also has a well-written subplot asserting the need for the Second Amendment. THE RELIANT has no obscene or lewd content, but lots of gun violence and intense moments that warrant caution for children.

The movie will inspire and encourage audiences with its passion for patriotism, which seems to contrast with much of the movies Hollywood has churned out recently.

For Sorbo, though, impressing Hollywood isn’t on his agenda.

“Hollywood doesn’t really owe me anything,” Sorbo told Fox News. “I mean, I’ve had a great career within Hollywood, and since then, I’ve been doing independent films. I’m not out here to make them hire me. If they want to hire me, I’m more than happy to work with them. I don’t cause any problems on the set. I’ve got a great reputation.”

He continued, “I’ve worked in so many TV shows and movies through my 30 years in the business. You’d be hard-pressed to find one person to say that I was not professional in the set. I love to be in the set. I have fun in the set. I joke around with everybody in the set. We have a good time. So, it’s easy to throw those labels out there, but most of the time it’d be a hard time to justify it.”

Sorbo also told Fox News that he’s also faced pressure for filling vocalizing his personal conservative values. Sorbo is far from the only Hollywood conservative, but he may be one of the few who speaks so passionately about it.

“I think there’s a lot of Hollywood conservatives out there that don’t come out of their closet,” Sorbo said. “I think there’s a lot of Democrats that would vote differently for somebody else, but not let anybody know that they’re going to vote differently. So, it certainly does exist. It’s there. They’ve admitted to it. I’ve seen big A-listers and actors and directors and producers say they wouldn’t want to work with people that are conservative, so it’s out there. These are the same people screaming for tolerance, and I think that they should look in the mirror, or at least a dictionary, and find out what the definition of what the word tolerance means.”

Despite these pressures, Sorbo continues to pour his faith and values into his movies.

Faith-based movies have “Exploded” in the last decade, Sorbo said, because Christians demand quality entertainment that won’t compromise values for a good story.

That’s part of why he made THE RELIENT.

“It’s a movie that really blends the faith of this family with the different beliefs that they have within the family when this chaos breaks open, and it comes full circle, where their faith brings them back together as a family. But… it’s interesting to see what happens with not only them, but what happens with this chaos that’s going on,” Sorbo said.

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