First-Grader Uses His Own Money to Help the Elderly During COVID-19

Screenshot courtesy of Cool & Dope Youtube

First-Grader Uses His Own Money to Help the Elderly During COVID-19

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

A first-grader from Gaithersburg, Maryland, used $600 of his own money to give back to those in his community who need it most right now.

Cavanaugh Bell saved his money from two birthdays and three Christmases to provide 31 hot meals and 65 “COVID-19 Carepacks” to senior citizens and small businesses.

Bell and his mother personally delivered the packages that contained fruit, canned and dry good and cleaning supplies.

Tanksgoodnews reports that Bell told Fox 5 DC how he came to the idea.

“My grandma is my best friend, and she walks to the grocery store every day. So I thought she shouldn’t be walking to grocery store because it’s Coronavirus season,” said Bell.

In addition to his care packages and hot meals, he also helped feed 90 students in need.

Bell wants to use “acts of love to help others overcome fear.”

This comes from personal experience as Bell was bullied as a preschooler.

Bell started a non-profit at the age of 5 called “Cool and Dope.”

Its mission is to “eradicate all bullying and youth suicide though political and social action by his 18th birthday on November 20, 2030.”

He also gave a TEDX Youth Talk that inspired his hometown to name a bullying awareness day and has designated October as Bullying Prevention Month.

His goal is to bring his platform to Washington D.C. this year.

Bell says, ““A for is Action. Your motivation is useless unless you get up and do something about it.”

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