What’s Next for SPIDER-MAN Movie Franchise?

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What’s Next for SPIDER-MAN Movie Franchise?

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

On Wednesday, August 21, Sony announced that they would no longer partner with Marvel, owned by Walt Disney Company, for the SPIDER-MAN movies. Since the news broke, fans and entertainers are asking “what’s next?’

The answer? Well, that’s still unknown.

Marvel creator Stan Lee died in 2018, which made waves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but Disney kept his legacy afloat in subsequent movies. Lee was alive for filming for a recent MCU movie CAPTAIN MARVEL, and AVENGERS: ENDGAME had a sweet tribute to the comic book legend.

Actor Tom Holland, who portrayed Peter Parker in the MCU shared his heart at the D23 expo for Disney over the weekend.

“Listen, it’s been a crazy week,” he said, “but I want you to know that I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart, and I love you 3,000.”

Even still, Lee’s 69 daughter seems concerned by the split.

Indiewire follows Stan Lee’s daughter’s comments to TMZ:

“Marvel and Disney seeking total control of my father’s creations must be checked and balanced by others who, while still seeking to profit, have genuine respect for Stan Lee and his legacy.”

She went on to say: “Whether it’s Sony or someone else’s, the continued evolution of Stan’s characters and his legacy deserves multiple points of view.”

The 69-year-old ended her statements with a scathing attack directed at Disney and Marvel. “When my father died, no one from Marvel or Disney reached out to me. From day one, they have commoditized my father’s work and never shown him or his legacy any respect or decency. In the end, no one could have treated my father worse than Marvel and Disney’s executives.”

Movieguide® found 2019’s summer blockbuster SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME very redemptive.


SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME actor Jon Favreau told Variety his thoughts on the split, “You never know what’s going to happen. I’m holding out hope and being optimistic that this isn’t the final chapter of the story between those characters.”

During all the fan hubbub, current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland posted a photo with fellow MCU cast member Robert Downey Jr.


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We did it Mr Stark!

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Years before Holland donned the Peter Parker title, other actors like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield played the iconic role. Some mega-fans wonder what this means for Holland’s job security.

Sony’s most recent Spider-Man picture was SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, which was selected as one of the 10 Best Movies for Families at the 2019 Movieguide® Awards.

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