"Comical Reptilian Adventures"


What You Need To Know:

LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE is a fun comedy about a talking and singing crocodile and a boy in middle school. Josh is nervous because he has moved to New York City and is going to a new school. One night he hears noises in the attic and finds a crocodile that tries to eat the neighbor’s cat. Josh catches the crocodile, and he ends up in a dark alley where a man tries to steal his phone. The crocodile protects Josh, which makes Josh start to trust him. Living in the attic, the crocodile, named Lyle, forms an unlikely friendship with Josh. Will Josh’s grumpy neighbor find out about Lyle and evict the family?

LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE has a strong moral worldview with many positive themes, but it can be scary for little children. The movie’s lead character develops confidence and courage and learns how to love someone other than himself. The movie is well done, with good acting, but it doesn’t have a lot of jeopardy for much of the story. Overall, however, viewers will find LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE funny and enjoyable.


(BB, C, V, N, A, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral worldview with some redemptive elements promotes thinking about others above oneself, mentions about miracle, and has a positive example of family and marriage, plus there are mentions of magic, but as illusions

Foul Language:
No obscenities but four light profanities

Crocodile growls loudly and scares some people

No sex

Brief upper male nudity

Alcohol Use:
Light drinking and mentions of drinking

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
A character lies and deceives but is found out and apologizes.

More Detail:

LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE is a fun comedy about a singing crocodile who defends a middle school boy named Josh, who sees the good in the talking reptile and builds an unlikely friendship with him. LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE is funny and enjoyable and has a strong moral worldview with many positive themes, but it could use a little more jeopardy, and some scenes can be scary for little children.

Josh has just moved to New York City and isn’t happy about it. When he goes to his new school in the morning, he gets some anxiety and lacks confidence. Every night he hears a noise in the attic that he’s curious about. When he goes up to the attic, he finds a crocodile. The crocodile eats the neighbor’s cat that Josh is holding and runs away. Josh races after the crocodile, knowing that the neighbor will be furious if his cat died. As Josh chases after the crocodile, he ends up in a dark alleyway, where a man tries to take his phone. The crocodile defends Josh and saves him from the man. After this, Josh and the crocodile become friends, and Josh starts calling him Lyle.

Josh starts to do things with Lyle that he wouldn’t usually do, but Lyle helps Josh to find confidence and bravery. The two bond doing things like dumpster diving, singing on top of the roof and having fun together.

One day, though, Josh’s mom sees Lyle and thinks they should get rid of him. Josh’s mom has also been in a bit of a slump, feeling lonely. When she returns home from dropping off Josh from school, Lyle soon befriends her by singing about baking and cooking. Together, they form a bond, but will they be able to keep Lyle even though their neighbor threatens to get them evicted for loud noises? Also, what will happen if Josh’s dad finds out?

LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE has a strong moral worldview about loving others, friendship and thinking about others above yourself. The main character learns to love others and builds confidence and courage. The movie also has a reference to about miracles. One person is a bit of a shady character, but he does apologize for his actions. In addition, some scenes could be very scary for much younger children when a crocodile starts growling.

LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE is a well-made, entertaining movie. Parts of the movie don’t have any jeopardy, but viewers will still be entertained. The CGI animation in the movie is excellent. Also, the main character does a great job acting.

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