Trying to capitalize on its predecessor, RE-ANIMATOR, this sequel contains an equal amount of gore, which is truly gruesome. In the first grisly tale, Herbert West, the medical student whose re-animating serum brought the dead back to life, and Dan Cain, his faithful confidant, narrowly escaped implication when the dead wrought murder and mayhem in the morgue that one frightful night. Now, Herbert and Dan are back, and Herbert has advanced his amazing technology.

This time the object is not merely to prolong life, but to create life, from spare parts. They set out to create a woman. However, along the way, Herbert becomes a little too brilliant for his own good. Trapped in a charnel world of body parts, he creates new life in hideous and disgusting combinations, both animal and human. Nor can Herbert stop what’s about to attack them from the other side of the basement wall. When they bring the “woman” to life, the aborted and hideous life forms all come back to life, too, reaping a terrifying revenge on the two doctors.

Not only is the subject matter of this film disgusting, but it is very poorly made. Paying to see the BRIDE OF THE RE-ANIMATOR would be a total waste of time and money.