"THE WRONG MISSY Is the Wrong Movie"


What You Need To Know:

THE WRONG MISSY is a television movie on Netflix. David Spade plays Tim Morris, a banking executive who accidentally invites the wrong person as a plus one for an important corporate event, where he’s trying to impress his new boss. Tim’s friend, Nate, told the new boss that Tim’s girlfriend is a super model and an all-star athlete. However, the wrong Missy shows up at the airport because Tim texted the wrong girl. This Missy isn’t what anyone expected. Tim must now try to keep the crazy Missy under control. This is no easy task, since this Missy is rather wild. She gets drunk, performs crazy psychic readings and even advises the new boss about his marriage.

THE WRONG MISSY is an entertaining romantic comedy, with high production values. However, it has lots of questionable content and behavior, including psychic readings, sexually immoral relationships, abundant foul language, and many lewd jokes. Though Tim tries to fix his mistakes and asks for forgiveness, THE WRONG MISSY has a pagan worldview overall. Media-wise viewers will find THE WRONG MISSY excessive and unsuitable.


(PaPa, O, C, B, LLL, VV, SS, N, AA, DD, MM): Dominant Worldview and ther Worldview Content/Elements: Strong pagan worldview involves lying, slander and other immoral behavior, including loony woman gives crazy psychic readings, though the male lead tries to fix his mistakes and asks for forgiveness

Foul Language:
At least 127 obscenities (most of which are “f” words and “s” words), 44 profanities which mainly include “OMG”

Guy falls out of a window and dislocates his ankle, and his date puts it back into place, woman falls off of a cliff and lands on the sand instead of the water, guy hurts his neck, and lady puts it back into place, man falls over a railing and hits the ground and hurts his ankle again

Woman performs sexual act to a man on a plane whom she only met one other time, unmarried couple depicted having sex, but there’s no nudity, unmarried couple implied having sex but the scene cuts before you see it, three people are all kissing each other in bed, and strong and light lewd jokes about sexual activity throughout the movie

Brief upper male nudity in a couple spots and a couple of instances where women are in bikinis because they are at the ocean

Alcohol Use:
A few instances occur where someone is drunk, someone falls off a cliff, someone falls off a balcony

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking but someone is seen smoking weed at one point; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Lying happens throughout the movie, people make fun of each other, someone gets drugged, and gossip, fraud, slander all play roles in THE WRONG MISSY.

More Detail:

THE WRONG MISSY stars David Spade as Tim Morris, a banking executive who invites the wrong woman onto a corporate retreat to Hawaii. Instead of inviting Miss Right, he accidentally texts the wrong Missy, a woman from a blind date that went wrong. Stuck with the wrong person, Tim must hide the second Missy’s wild antics from Missy and try to save his job and secure a new position he’s been trying to get.

THE WRONG MISSY starts off with Tim Morris on a blind date set up for him by his grandma. He arrives and checks his messages, and the blind date told him to look for her at the bar and said that some crackhead is bothering her and that he needs to save her. However, it’s actually a trick, and he walks up to a married couple and starts mouthing off to the husband. The blind date, Missy (played by Lauren Lapkus), shows up to pull Tim out of the problem and laughs about it.

As the date continues, Tim doesn’t like what he hears. He tries to escape out the bathroom window, but Missy catches him. Tim lies about trying to escape, and then he falls out of the window and dislocates his ankle. Missy shows up outside and claims to be a certified EMT and she puts it back into place.

Time passes and Tim is at an airport heading to board his plane when he bumps into a woman (Molly Sims) and their belongings fall on the ground. In the heat of the moment, they swap bags and tickets. Tim runs to catch the right plane, but it’s already left. He hears someone off camera calling his name, and it turns out to be the lady he ran into a few minutes ago. The lady’s name also is Missy, short for Melissa. They end up talking at the airport bar and find they have lots in common. They eventually part ways, but not before exchanging phone numbers.

A corporate retreat is on the horizon. Tim’s friend, Nate, who works in HR (played by Nick Swardson), convinces Tim to contact the second Missy and ask her on the retreat. Tim is hesitant in doing this since they just met. Nate talks him into it, however. Fast forward to Tim boarding the plane to Hawaii and, all of a sudden, the wrong Missy gets in the seat. Tim accidentally had texted the wrong Missy. Making matters worse, Nate had told the new boss that Tim’s girlfriend is a super model and an all-star athlete.

What was supposed to be a way to show off to his new boss, now has turned into a juggling act. Tim must try to make Missy behave and not ruin his chances for getting the new job position at work. As time passes, however, Tim learns that there’s more to a person than just the surface.

A TV movie available on Netflix, THE WRONG MISSY is a well-produced romantic comedy with high production values. That said, the movie has lots of questionable content, including more than 100 obscenities, many profanities, some comical psychic readings, and lots of sexual content and references. Though Tim tries to fix his mistakes and asks for forgiveness, THE WRONG MISSY has a pagan worldview overall. Media-wise viewers will find THE WRONG MISSY excessive and unsuitable.

Quality: - Content: +4
Quality: - Content: +2