Scriptwriting Classes at MOVIEGUIDE®

By Evy Baehr, Associate Editor

MOVIEGUIDE® believes that story is the foundation of filmmaking. Create a great story and you will have a great film, but how do you go about that? Well, we will teach you!

Each year in our Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, we are able to tally up the obscenities, profanities, nudity, etc., and worldviews in each movie that comes out that year. From this we see what makes more money at the box office.

Over the years, we have found that movies with more Christian content and less cursing do much better. Taking these figures, we are able to find out just exactly what you should put in your screenplay in order to get the best results at the box office and influence the world for the better. At the same time, class members learn the fundamentals to writing a great script, first analyzing the philosophy of the greats, such as Aristotle, Plato, on storytelling.

In the past, people have said great things about taking the class, such as:

“I learned more yesterday in your class than I’ve learnt in the past 20 years!! It was fabulous!! I can’t wait to see what happens today!!” – Industry Producer

“Thank you for giving me the burning desire to strive for excellence, not perfectionism in my strength but to rely on the true source for everything.” – Classmate

If you have the desire write excellent scripts, please contact us at info@movieguide.org or call 1-888-248-6689. The next four-day scriptwriting class starts Wednesday November 28 in MOVIEGUIDE®’s Camarillo, Calif. office.