DC Entertainment Has Their Movies Going Lighter, and TV Going Darker

DC Entertainment Has Their Movies Going Lighter, and TV Going Darker

By Bellamy Harden, Contributing Writer

The DC Extended Universe franchise is trying to become more lighthearted and hopeful with their upcoming slate of releases that include AQUAMAN, SHAZAM, and WONDER WOMAN 1984. Possibly in an attempt to copy Marvel’s critical and commercial success after DC’s SUICIDE SQUAD and JUSTICE LEAGUE failed to impress fans or critics.

Marvel followed a framework with movies like IRON MAN and THOR that told stories of bitter men who become leaders, learn the value of life and transform into people who save the world. The movies are redemptive in nature, well produced and also infused with lots of humor. The 20 movies Marvel released in the last 10 years have grossed a combined $17 billion worldwide, so it’s no wonder that other studios are trying to replicate the magic. The next DC movie to hit the theaters is AQUAMAN, which comes out in December and centers on the character from Atlantis who was introduced in last year’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. The movie will take place in the underwater city of Atlantis, whose inhabitants are getting ready to go to war with surface dwellers that are threatening their home.

The next DC movie may be the most light-hearted of them all. SHAZAM! is about Billy Batson, a young boy who’s given the power to transform into a superhero that has super strength and can fly. The superhero portion of the character is played by nonother than Zachary Levi (CHUCK, TANGLED), who compares the movie to Tom Hanks’s BIG. WONDER WOMAN 1984 will continue Diana Prince’s story, this time in the 1980’s during the Cold War.

While DC is course correcting their universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe took a dark turn with INFINITY WAR, which ended with the villain winning and a good portion of the characters dying.

Even though DC is moving in a more positive direction with their movies, the television programs that are set to be released are still edgier. For example, the newest TV series TITANS centers around Robin and will be the first original program launching on the streaming platform titled DC Universe. In the newest trailer that dropped this week of TITANS, a young Robin, who was Batman’s sidekick in the comics, drops a huge F-bomb on screen, amid violent and gory fight scenes. Clearly, this isn’t a show they’re making for children. There is also a series in development that will be released on the CW about a lesbian Batwoman.

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