5 Football Stars Who Proclaim Their Faith On and Off the Field

5 Football Stars Who Proclaim Their Faith On and Off the Field

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” – Colossians 3:17 (ESV)

1.LaDainian Tomlinson: Teams played on: Texas Christian University (college), San Diego Chargers, New York Jets (NFL)

Tomlinson’s first movie, GOD BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD hits theaters this weekend where he portrays Pastor Williams. This NFL Hall of Famer has a history with the church that shaped his understanding of Jesus and community. In a recent interview with Movieguide®, Tomlinson mentioned that his mother is a pastor which helped shape the importance of church community in his life and the lives of his children.

“No matter who you are you’re gonna go through adversity in life, that’s apart of living, you’re gonna go through ups and downs, and roller coasters… I think we all need that support of our community church, you know, to kind of help us through those times.”

He continued, “And certainly, it was the same way with me growing up and my family, and it’s still that way with my own family and kids.”

 2. Colt McCoy: Teams played on: University of Texas at Austin (college), Washington Redskins (NFL)

McCoy first came onto the gridiron in college and keeps his skills sharp on the field as a professional, but more importantly, McCoy keeps his priorities sharp by emphasizing his faith. In the video series called “I Am Second®,” He opens up about the heart of his goals. “For me? I’m successful because I have Jesus Christ living inside me.” He echoed, “it goes deeper than just going to church.

3. Peyton Manning- Teams played on: University of Tennessee (college), Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos (NFL)

Along with his brother Eli, fans of the game can’t think of football without thinking of the Mannings. The NFL alum became a Christian at thirteen years old and thanks God for the many blessings in his life daily. In his book Manning, which he co-wrote with his father Archie Manning (also a famous football alum), Peyton wrote, “I don’t think God really cares about who wins football games, except as winning might influence the character of some person or group.”

4. Russell Wilson: Teams played on: North Carolina State, University of Wisconsin (college), Seattle Seahawks (NFL)

Like Manning, Wilson was saved in his teens. He later married in college and then got divorced, but the quarterback refocused his energy on football and keeping God at the center of his life. As ESPN reports, “His confidence is straight from God, from the reassurance that comes with the kind of belief that infiltrates Wilson’s pores.”

Now, Wilson is married to the singer Ciara, and the pair publicly stated that they wanted to save sex for marriage during their dating and engagement, keeping their values as an example for others.

5. Tim Tebow- Teams played on: University of Florida (college), Denver Broncos, New York Jets (NFL)

“Tebowing” became this all-star’s trademark stance when he repeatedly took to the sidelines to pray before games. As fans started to take notice, God used Tebow to spread the good news and keep His teachings, like waiting until marriage, so that others would hear about the radical blessings of Jesus. Now, Tebow tries movie-producing and even tried his hand at baseball! For more on Tebow’s latest venture, watch our video here!


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