Why Mainstream Media’s Subtle Contempt Of Parenting, Children Should Encourage Media Wisdom

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Why Mainstream Media’s Subtle Contempt Of Parenting, Children Should Encourage Media Wisdom

By Movieguide® Staff

It is no secret that Hollywood is increasingly hostile to biblical values such as the traditional family or pro-life views. 

However, a recent article written by Susan Ciancio for pro-life site LifeSiteNews highlighted that subtle forms of mainstream media have hopped on board with a cultural phenomenon: a disparaging view of child-rearing. 

Ciancio notes that a recent TV commercial for cell phone coverage includes the tagline: “Family plan savings without the family.”

Ciancio writes

The commercial opens showing two exhausted and harried-looking parents surrounded by nine children of various ages engaged in all sorts of activities — from playing the trombone to play fighting to one painting her face blue with cake frosting.

The husband speaks first, saying: ‘After talking and texting for years, we got married. For the family plan.’ The wife adds that they expanded their family for the savings, but then she laments that her unmarried sister just informed her that she has gotten those savings too. The commercial cuts to the sister—relaxing in a pristine family room—who holds up her phone and says happily ‘no family needed.’

The commercial ends with a child pouring juice on the dad and the parents looking regretful.

Regardless of the commercial’s motives, Ciancio points out that it reveals “a larger problem.”

“While there is nothing wrong with remaining single, there is something wrong with disparaging families,” she writes. “We are all called to a vocation in life, and whether that is single or married or a clergy or layperson, each vocation has value.”

Whether it is the blatant Hollywood agendas found in movies like 2020’s UNPREGNANT or the more subtle judgments of parents and children by TV commercials, a biblical worldview is crucial.

According to a study, Children spend at least seven hours a day on their screen. Without proper teaching and media discernment, mainstream culture becomes the primary teacher of our children. 

Parents interested in learning how to teach their children media discernment should read The Culture-Wise Family by Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr.

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