THE VOICE Alum Jack Cassidy Shares How Jesus Saved Him From A Near Death Experience 

Photo from Jack Cassidy’s Instagram

THE VOICE Alum Jack Cassidy Shares How Jesus Saved Him From A Near Death Experience 

By Movieguide® Staff

Most will remember Jack Cassidy, the grandson of actress Shirley Jones and nephew of David and Shaun Cassidy, for his appearance on season 12 of THE VOICE.

After attending a church camp, Cassidy gave his life to Jesus Christ. However, his run on the voice distracted him from his faith.

Cassidy grew up in a musical family and said that he felt like THE VOICE was his opportunity to make a dent in the music industry.

However, after making it to the top 12, Cassidy exited the show and fell into a depression. In a recent interview with CBN, Cassidy revealed that he turned towards parties and drugs after his run on THE VOICE.

“From the first time I tried cocaine, I got pretty instantly hooked,” Cassidy said. “It started to become every day, all day. It completely destroyed my life in every aspect. It drained my bank account completely. It made me start to steal just to get drugs.”

“I found a new batch of drugs that was just a lot stronger, and I did one line that night that was—that was too much,” he added. “And I felt my whole body start to shut down and go cold. And my heart started uncontrollably pounding out of my chest. And it felt like it was right on the verge of a heart attack. I felt like I couldn’t really call the ambulance or get any help.”

But in his darkest hour, he recalled the faith that he had explored as a young student at camp and cried out to Jesus.

“But even though I had buried God really deep in that season, I hit my knees in the midst of that full-blown chaos, and I just cried out to Him and asked Him to let me live, to save my life in a moment of total brokenness, total darkness, did not deserve to be saved,” Cassidy said. “I got myself here. I felt the Spirit come in in that moment and completely overpower the chaos and the drugs that I had put in my body. The drugs were warring against me, trying to make my body shut down. But God was literally breathing life into me.”

“His power in my spirit in the midst of all that was—and is what was keeping me in a place of real peace, and keeping me literally alive,” he added.

After his near-death experience, Cassidy said that he realized that only Jesus would provide the peace he sought.

“After that experience, it really exposed what cocaine was,” Cassidy said. “It was not a friend. It was not a helper to get me out of those places. It was leading me to a place of death. And when Jesus showed up in such a radical way in the midst of that, it really made it really real and tangible that He was the way to life. Jesus showed that, ‘No, I’m-I’m Lord over that, And I can be Lord over all these things in your life.’ So, it really established this-this deep-rooted trust in God.”

“He is willing to meet us in whatever place that we’re in,” Cassidy added. “And that varies for everyone. But for me, the darkest moments I walked through, He wanted to meet me and redeem me in that place. And He came with a spirit of kindness, a spirit of love, and a spirit of I just want to help you. He’s willing to do that in whatever scenario people walk through.”