Dolly Parton Wants to Make a Movie About Her Life Starring Kristin Chenoweth

Photo courtesy of Dolly Parton Instagram

Dolly Parton Wants to Make a Movie About Her Life Starring Kristin Chenoweth

By Movieguide® Contributor

Dolly Parton is ready for someone to make a movie about her life, and she knows just who she wants to play the lead. 

“I’ve been talking about doing my Broadway musical and we were really, really way out ahead of that, and then COVID hit and that changed my mind about a whole lot of things,” the Grace Prize® award winner said in an interview with MR. NASHVILLE TALKS. 

“I do intend someday to be on Broadway, but I’m thinking now that I might do my life story as a feature [movie],” she continued. “Maybe possibly even a musical feature, so we’re in talks about that.”

The musician has also already started thinking about the actresses she wants to play her in the potential movie. 

“We’d probably have to have — as long as my career has been — like, a little Dolly and a middle Dolly and then the older one,” she told Southern Living last year. 

While she doesn’t know who is going to play her at the younger ages, Parton has an actress in mind for her adult years: “I love Kristin Chenoweth.”

Chenowith is just as excited about the idea of getting to play Parton, onstage or on screen. 

“Well, I want to,” Chenowith said during an appearance on THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW. “I just grew up listening to her, and, you know, I do pretty good.” She went on to sing a few lines of Parton’s hits, like “Jolene” and “Here You Come Again.”

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Country music legend Dolly Parton infuses her faith into everything she touches, including her upcoming Netflix series, DOLLY PARTON’S HEARTSTRINGS.

“I have a lot of faith, and that’s what gets me through my life, it always has,” Parton told Movieguide® at the red-carpet premiere of the show.

“I grew up here in these mountains in a very spiritual family. My grandpa was a preacher. I believe that through God, all things are possible, and that included my creativity and my dreams. It’s just really a fun night to be here seeing another dream come true, and I just thank God for all of it,” Parton said.