9 of the Biggest Faith Bombs Dropped During Kanye West’s Airpool Karaoke

9 of the Biggest Faith Bombs Dropped During Kanye West’s Airpool Karaoke

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Late-night host James Corden often finds himself in a jam, such as he’s stuck in one location and needs a celebrity to help him get to the next location. Most of the time, Corden’s in a car, picking up friends along the way for his “Carpool Karaoke” segment and interviews them about their new music and personal lives.

Yet when Corden needed a ride this weekend, he hopped on a plane with Kanye West and a 100-member choir to discuss West’s recent public proclamation of faith and his new album, “Jesus is King.”

During the interview, the choir performed of West’s songs, including “Souls Anchored” and “Jesus Walks.” Corden himself lifted up the name of Jesus as he sang along.

West spoke freely about his faith, and how it changed his life. Here are nine of the biggest faith bombs dropped during the interview.

  1. West said the Lord spoke to him when he was hospitalized for “dehydration” and “Exhaustion” in 2017. West felt the Lord tell him to start a church in Calabasas, California, which later became the popular Sunday Service. “God put it on my heart, taking me to new levels,” West said.
  2. West says the Lord is using the musician’s suffering to draw more people closer to God. “God’s always had a plan for me,” West said. “He always wanted to use me. He wanted me to suffer more, wanted people to see my suffering, see my pain, put stigmas on me, have me go through all the experiences—human experiences—so now when I talk about how Jesus saved me, more people can relate to that experience.”
  3. Never doubt the power of prayer, even when the subject seems to have walked away from the Lord. “There was a lot of people praying for me. When I was all the way gone, people in my family were praying for me. They couldn’t call me and scream at me. … It’s God that came and put this thing on my heart and said, ‘Are you ready to be in service to Him?’”
  4. Perfectionism can cause destruction. “God is the only thing that is perfect,” West said. “It’s a blasphemous statement to think man can perfect anything.”
  5. The presence of the Holy Spirit affected other people around West. James Corden said, “I am starting to feel closer to God.”
  6. West honored his wife of five years, Kim Kardashian, and called the institution of marriage “heavenly” and “magnificent.”
  7. West thinks his salvation and spiritual awakening is part of his success. He believes God is blessing him financially for surrendering his life. “Now, I work for God, and He’s about to show out. Kanye West works for God.”
  8. When Cordon asked West about his evening routine, West revealed that he reads the Bible every night before he goes to bed.
  9. West knows people may doubt his conversion, and they may not understand because, “People who don’t believe are walking dead, they are asleep, and this is the awakening.”