A Country for All Men, All Women and All Children!


A Country for All Men, All Women and All Children:

There’s a Place for Celebrities Who Threatened To Leave America If Trump Won;

It’s a Real Place of True Peace and Hope, Where Every Fear Is Swept Away!

Virtually no one saw Donald Trump winning the election, especially by the amount he did. Clearly, both the media and many Hollywood elites were out of touch with how the American people felt, so much so that some celebrities threatened to move from the United States if Trump won.

For example, Cher jokingly claimed she’d move to Jupiter, while others took more serious tones.

“I am moving if he is president,” popstar Miley Cyrus stated, even emphasizing, “I don’t say things I don’t mean.” Characteristically, actor Samuel L. Jackson said, “If that motherf***** becomes president, I’m moving my black a** to South Africa.”

Others have said they’ll move to Canada, such as GIRLS star Lena Dunham, Barbara Streisand, Singer Ne-Yo, and HOUSE OF CARDS actress Neve Campbell and Keegan-Michael Key. Comedian Amy Schumer said she’ll need to learn Spanish cause she’ll be moving to Spain.

Though it’s likely all these are empty promises, Movieguide® has a recommendation for all those seeking to find refuge from a Donald trump presidency by going to another country:

There’s a country at hand without fear, without hatred, without oppression, and it’s called the Kingdom of God. All who are fearful can find peace and hope there. The passport to get there is Jesus Christ, who paid the price for our immigration into the city of God on earth and to eternal life in heaven. All you have to do is accept Christ’s free gift of salvation. And, every immigrant who asks, no matter what their problems, wrongs and difficulties gets free admission to a more abundant life.

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