Actress Jen Lilley: ‘We Believe That Love of a Child Can Heal a Child’

Photo from Jen Lilley’s Instagram

Actress Jen Lilley: ‘We Believe That Love of a Child Can Heal a Child’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress Jen Lilley announced the start of Camp Christmas as their first event kick-off on July 5.

Lilley, who recently welcomed a baby girl, expressed her heart for foster care and encouraged fans to participate in the “Christmas is not Canceled” events to help supply children with much-needed school supplies.

The actress, who recently signed with GAC Family, discussed the event on the Fostering Change Podcast with Rob Scheer.

“The reason behind that is, while no person is a statistic, children who are experiencing foster care often aren’t always in the best home situation,” she explained. “Ninety percent of children who go through foster care have changed schools five times by fifth grade and so I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to continue my education. We came together and we’re doing it again this summer to give these children the school supplies that they need to have a successful school year, to set them up with quality school supplies, not hand-me-downs, brand new things to let them know that we see them like every other child.”

“They are dreamers, they were created [with] purpose and for a purpose and they deserve every chance at life and they’re already such champions for going through what they’ve gone through and just enduring it,” she added.” We really want to come alongside them and say, ‘Listen, people who don’t even know you believe in you.’ That’s one of the goals of ‘Christmas is not Canceled’ and Comfort Cares.”

Lilley added that she hopes the Christmas in July campaign continues to grow.

“It is a national campaign but I want to make way more than 2,000 backpacks that we’re doing every year,” she said.

The actress is nine months pregnant and also parents three children with her husband, Jason Wayne. Two of their children decided to adopt out of the foster care system with the aid of Child Help.

“One of the reasons I love supporting Comfort Cases and Child Help is because you guys are the real deal and one of the ways you can tell a charity is the real deal is that you actually do want to conquer the issue and not just get the PR… your hearts and your and your money and your mouth and all the things that you stand for are always in the right place,” she said.

“One of the reasons they got started was because there are so many levels of abuse that go on with child abuse and when a child has experienced home to home to home, abuse to abuse to abuse to abuse there’s a lot of mental, emotional, spiritual breakdown that happens of that child,” she explained. “Before Child Help existed and started their their village program, [the FBI and CIA] would just send those kids to juvenile delinquent centers because they didn’t know what to do with them because they were like well they need to be locked up and Child Help was like well that’s ridiculous.”

“We believe that the love of a child can heal a child, so they have these therapeutic villages in California and Virginia and they have a national advocacy center in Arizona where the child [are] living in cottages, they’re living in the family setting, they’re getting all the therapy that they could possibly need,” she added.

Movieguide® previously reported on the event:

Actress Jen Lilley, known for her slew of Hallmark Holiday movies and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, recently announced dates for Camp Christmas.

“Today, I dedicate my feed to helping children in foster care,” Lilley wrote on her Instagram. “That’s why I’m inviting you to join me at Camp Christmas in July, an online community with the ultimate goal of bringing comfort to children in the foster care system and to people at home!”

The annual event will feature an all-star lineup of stars, including Lilley, Candace Cameron Bure, Trevor Donovan, and Danica McKellar.

“This July, let’s get together to play games, have fun, interact with your favorite movie stars, and enter to win awesome prizes while doing a lot of good for kids in need,” she wrote. “All from the comfort of your own home via zoom. Camp begins July 1! Register now at ChristmasIsNotCancelled.com using the discount code EARLY22 for $10 off – See you there.”

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